Dear Retail Partner,

Welcome to the home of the original Smudge in Spray developed in 2003. Since that first creation of Smudge in Spray, I have developed over 30 Aroma-energetic and Essential Oil Blends. The formulas are often received through Divine inspiration combined with my over 30 years of experience using aromatherapy. Overall there are over 70 essential oil sprays and mist to choose from. An aromatherapy delight!

In the early 2000s, I produced Spoken Audio CDs geared toward contemplation, meditation, personal self-development, the power of positive thought, and spiritual awakening.These CDs have helped thousands find inner peace, happiness, and a better life.

Recently, I worked with two jewelry designers and I am happy to provide you with my line of Chakra Awakening Jewelry.

As a retail store owner of The Crystal Garden for close to 30 years, I know which products sell well and add a perfect sideline to stores focused on positive thought and spirituality which was part of the inspiration for most of my line of products that make up The Crystal Garden Brand. There is so much to explore, so I invite you to click around and uncover some of the best selling aromatherapy and my other productsMeditating Angel Pendant now sold worldwide!

With Gratitude,

Margaret Ann Lembo

Margaret Ann Lembo


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Buy a minimum of 8 bottles of a given Aromatic Mists and Sprays and receive a free tester with your first purchase of that spray.

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Buy a minimum of 4 CD's of a given Spoken Audio title and receive a free demo with your first purchase of that title.