As many of you may have heard… Margaret Ann’s husband Vincent fell off of a ladder on Wednesday, August 1st fracturing part of his right hip. He underwent a successful surgery to repair it on Monday the 6th and he’s expected to go home in the coming days. The recovery process is lengthy tho (6 – 8 weeks before his right side will be weight bearing) and Margaret Ann is taking time to be with him and support his recovery. All prayers, reiki and general good vibes are welcome!

What this means for the store/ you guys… Not a lot will change but here are some things that will – Margaret Ann will mostly work from home so you won’t see her in the shop as much, also all classes through the beginning of October have been cancelled. Keep checking the calendar because it will have the most up to date info on rescheduling etc. We also might be out of things a bit more than usual while we all grow accustomed to checking stock, but we’re doing our best to make a smooth transition. Thank you in advanced for your understanding!


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