Private Sessions

Regression Therapy is a powerful tool for self-healing.It is through our remembrance of past lives that we often may release karma as it becomes ripe. Through realizations of prior incarnations, we have an opportunity to change our habit patterns and prevent ourselves from repeating the same mistakes this time around. In some cases, the client may need to remember something from earlier in this lifetime – usually a memory from ages 0-10 years old.  $200  1.5 - 2  hours. Click here to pay online.

Chakra Balancing Crystal Alignment
This private session helps to recalibrate your subtle bodies to effectuate a positive change. After we sit together to discuss your current life challenges, I pick an array of gemstones specific to your needs with the intent to restore balance. I'll place the stones on and around your body while gently guiding you into a healing deep relaxation. This experience uses the power of positive thought, guided imagery amplified by the gemstones to balance the spiritual, mental and emotional bodies. The process takes 1 1/2-2 hours $200 Click here to pay online.

Cord Cutting Ceremony
This session is designed to release repetitive patterns and connections with situations that are no longer for your highest good. Are you ready to release old patterns? Do you notice that you keep having the same relationship issues over and over again.Are your ‘buttons’ easily pushed by friends, family or co-workers? Disconnect the energetic cords and watch your life transform for the better. The process takes 1 1/2-2 hours $200 Click here to pay online.

Entrepreneurial Counseling is a session specifically geared to help you with your career and your Divine Purpose. Tools for actualizing your goals will be uncovered with real life actions to help you move toward doing the work that you love so your work is like a gift! Do what you love and the money will follow. Specific tools for authors (or future authors) are provided to create your brand, website, blog, book, platform, back-of-room sidelines, book tour, cultivation of book store relationships, and so much more. Specific direction and planning assistance is provided for new business owners as well as seasoned entrepreneurs ready to improve their business, success and image. Using over 40 years of experience Margaret Ann will help you gain clarity as well as give you specific direction to start the process of creating your life's work. Margaret Ann's background includes construction, real estate, consumer banking, mortgage banker, realtor, property management, retailer, wholesale, vendor, author, speaker, buyer, social media, blogger, educator, and so much more. Appointments are available for $275 for a 1.5 hour session. Click here to pay online.

Angel Gemstone Oracle Session is a spiritual counseling session. If you want this session, you must have a list of specific questions. Together, you and I will consult with each other, the angels, and Loved Ones on the Other Side. The intention is to receive an answer and guidance to your questions which will help you step forward into life with more clarity and self-confidence.  Start by choosing 7 gemstones from a big pile of gems. I'll interpret what the chosen stones might indicate for you and your life. We'll then start discussing what you are trying to understand or gain clarity on while I pull cards and receive guidance from your angels. (this is not a fortune telling session!) Appointments are available for 1/2 hour ($85) and for one hour sessions($150) Click here to pay online.

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