Enjoy the Benefits of Contemplation and Meditation

     If you are as busy as I am you often find yourself saying “all I need is a few minutes of peace and quiet”. Finding time to be alone is always a challenge. But if we don’t, we can find ourselves overwhelmed by the pressures of daily life. The practice of meditation has helped me to slow down and quiet the incessant chatter that is constantly going on in my mind. With a quiet mind I am able to receive insight, understanding, creative ideas and relieve stress. The meditative process always leaves me refreshed and some of the most important insights have been revealed during this time.

Deep within the seat of your consciousness is a place where all is known. Through meditation, you can awaken your consciousness and access this place wherever you choose. Remember, self-awareness brings a more balanced view of yourself and your personality. In order to achieve great things, focus and concentration are imperative…and the practice of meditation is a great tool to get you there.

Need a little help to get you going? I’ve created several guided meditation CDs; Short Meditations for Busy People, Color Meditation Align Your Chakras, Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation, Open Your Heart to Love, Meet Your Master Guide, Think Good Thoughts and Meet Your Power Animals A Drumming Journey. or join me for *Quiet! Contemplation and Meditation Retreat

Short Meditations for Busy People: Relieve Your Stress! CD

Now that Spring has arrived think about finding a quiet spot in the garden, take a deep breath and enjoy being one with nature as you explore the practice of meditation.

With love and gratitude,

Margaret Ann Lembo

 *Quiet! Contemplation and Meditation Retreat with Margaret Ann Lembo

Saturday, July 22  9:30, 2017

9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

This experiential retreat is designed to provide you with an uninterruptible environment to unplug from the world and reconnect with yourself. Enjoy periods of light stretching and movement, contemplation, journaling, and guided meditation. Periods of silence will be provided to create the space to empty your mind of incessant chatter and relax the nervous system. Lunch will be provided and perhaps we will even eat in complete silence. Take the time to be with a group of people without the need or expectation to talk (which can be a rare occurrence.) Mobile devices and phones will not be available for extended periods throughout the day. Bring plenty of water, a journal and pen (no electronic note taking or journaling), snacks, wear super comfortable clothing, bring a sweater (or dress in layers), your favorite pillow, small blanket or wrap, and a yoga mat for stretching and if you decide you want to sit or lay on the floor. Arrive prior to 9:30 am so we can be in silence before the store opens.  Special Note: Please attend only if you can and will detach from phones, emails, social media and talking. 9:30 am - 5:00 pm $97 includes lunch. Maximum 10 people.

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