Spring is Peeking Through the Haze of Winter

Spring is peeking through the haze of winter. Flowers are springing up and the fragrance is amazing. I feel so fortunate that I can enjoy the scents of the season everyday!  Essential oils and aromatherapy sprays can play a major role in transforming your outlook.  Spring is a time for awakening fresh ideas, new beginnings, and innovative growth.

Surround yourself with the floral scents that nature provides during this refreshing season. You don’t have to look or go too far…The Crystal Garden Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Sprays will transform your environment and whisk you away to a place of calm and serenity helping you to release stress and truly enjoy the scents of the season.

Take a deep breath and inhale…

When I’m feeling scattered I use Geranium Essential OilIts calming effect helps me to sort out my thoughts and keep me focused.

Geranium Essential Oil Medical Grade

Hyacinth Essential Oil takes me to a place in my garden where I am reminded that I must release stress and tension – it works every time!       Hyacinth Essential Oil Medical Grade

As I inhale the sweet floral scent of Lilac Essential Oil it helps to uplift my spirits and focuses my intention on love and well-being.

Lilac Essential Oil Meme Affirmation Margaret Ann Lembo

These are just a few of the essential oils that remind me of spring…isn’t Mother Nature wonderful that she has provided these wonderful scents to keep us relaxed and stress free?

With love and gratitude,

Margaret Ann Lembo

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