This Sunday, May 14 we celebrate Mother’s Day. A day to honor those women in our lives who are mothers, stepmothers, mothers-in-law or those that have been a mother presence in our lives.

As I think about this day I wanted to provide a gift giving option that would have special meaning to those we love. While my Mother has passed to the other side, she gave me such an appreciation for nature and the spiritual world. The time we spent in the garden together was so special and provided a way for us to bond and unplug. She provided the foundation for all that I create. So, on this day I honor her and give thanks for all she did in my life.


While your mother doesn’t need to be in the garden to unplug, you can help her Color Your Life with Good Thoughts. Coloring is a wonderful way to unplug and calm down. It provides a meditative practice to relieve stress and create positive thoughts. This will be the gift that keeps on giving!

Did you know that specific colors are beneficial for areas of life and intentions? To feel calmer and at peace, use colors like blue or green. For more energy and motivation, use red and orange tones. To increase joy and confidence, use shades of yellow. To allow more love and comfort, green and pink are best. And to feel grounded and focused, blacks, browns, and gray are beneficial. However, regardless of the colors one chooses, coloring allows for relaxation.  

The coloring book I’ve created presents an array of personally chosen images and is matched up with a corresponding good thought based on the meaning of the image. Each time your mother starts to color, not only will she enjoy the benefits of coloring, she will be reminded of the love you have for her!

Color Your Life interior 11-20- Notes from Margaret_Page_43.jpg




Say I love you to your mother this Mother’s Day in a new and unique way.

With love and gratitude,

Margaret Ann Lembo

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