This Saturday, May 20 people from around the world celebrate Armed Forces Day. In the United States we honor and pay tribute to those currently serving in the five branches of the military on the third Saturday in May each year.

It’s a time to stop and think about our freedoms and the men and women who keep us safe. It is also an opportunity to say thank you when you see someone in uniform.

Intentions not only work for you as part of your daily journey. But interceding with a positive affirmation on the behalf of others can be just as powerful.

 I am safe and sound. All is well. I am always Divinely protected.

Margaret Ann Lembo The following essential oils can also be helpful as you set your intention on protection. And as you do so include the men and women in the military.

Pine Essential Oil Medical Grade

Pine  essential oil supports the mind during times of adverse conditions. It protects and strengthen the mind and prevents you from succumbing to the negativity that might arise around you.

Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil Meme Affirmation Margaret Ann Lembo

Sweet Marjoram essential oil helps you to release subconscious fears and reminds you of your faith. Use it to call upon Archangel Auriel to help release worries, negative thoughts and fears.

Some of my favorite gemstone essences for protection include:

I am enveloped in a sphere of goodness and well-being. Black Tourmaline Gemspot Meme Affirmation by Margaret Ann Lembo

Black Tourmaline to deflect negativity and increase safety and Sodalite to amplify Archangel Michael’s Protective presence.

Won’t you join me this Saturday in honoring those that keep us safe.

With love and gratitude

 Margaret Ann Lembo

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