“Evaluate Your Life Day”

October 19

I’ve always been a big proponent of self-observation. Self-observation is an important tool to awaken one’s conscious awareness, which when activated can help one more effectively use the power of his/her thoughts to create reality. Looking internally at one’s behaviors, reactions, and actions as an interested objective observer – that is, without judgement is extremely beneficial to reaching one’s potential.

Leopardskin Jasper is the stone of self-observation. It allows you to fully recognize that your beliefs, thoughtforms, and mental energy, were imposed or established by others. This realization makes it possible to consciously decide to discard what is no longer appropriate and retain that which has a positive influence.

intentions observation moonstone Affirmation Margaret Ann Lembo

Moonstone is a stone of reflection, helping you to look within using the powerful tool of self-observation for self-improvement and spiritual growth. With this stone in hand, watch your actions and reactions to others without judgment.


I am in touch with my feelings. I honor my emotions. It is easy for me to reflect on the blessings and challenges in my life as an objective observer. My observations strengthen my spiritual nature and improve my inner foundations for knowledge and wisdom.


A Quartz crystal with a window facet aids in revealing the intention behind the intention, helping you to know your true essence beyond illusions and the masks you wear. This crystal helps you look inside yourself, and it magnifies your ability to see reflections from the people around you every day. This stone reminds you that you can learn many lessons about yourself by observing the actions of others and seeing them as a reflection of yourself.

Self-observation is an ongoing process. However, realizations will be made along the way, and once an observation is made, a shift generally occurs without much action. The observation is often accompanied by a realization that one’s beliefs and thought-forms were imposed or established by others; a conscious decision can be made to discard what is no longer appropriate and retain that which has a positive influence.

Remember, everything created is created through intention. What you place your attention on creating comes to you through repetitive thoughts and visualization.

 I know you can transform your life if you choose. You can be healthier, happier, and more content.

With love and gratitude,

Margaret Ann Lembo

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