Happy November & Gratitude

November is the month for gratitude. I want to take a moment to let you know how thankful I am to have customers like you. You have been so gracious, loving, and supportive! Thank you for bearing with us as we go through changes. Change is always good and always leads to better life situations, although it isn't always very comfortable.
The changes in policy I have had to make are due to significant shoplifting incidents which will now stop! And, with your love and help, I ask you that if you see something, say something. We will not reveal that you let us know about suspicious behavior. It is my intention, and the intention of the amazing staff of The Crystal Garden, that there will be no more of anything like that. With that said, we are on a planet of polarity and it is up to each and everyone of us to stay in integrity and honesty. May love and goodness continue to outweigh that which is not in alignment with walking in beauty and love on this planet.
By now, many of you know that we have established new policies. When you arrive, we greet you at the door and if you have a purse, backpack, or a bulky jacket or coat, we lock it into a locker until you have completed your visit at The Crystal Garden. (no strollers) You can take items out of your pocketbook like your phone and wallet if you wish. The new lockers look great at our entrance. We will hand you a basket with your locker identification tag. One of the new policies is that every customer is required to have a basket as they enjoy the store. Now it is required that all potential purchases go into the basket and aren't carried in your hands and arms.
We have placed quite a bit of the beautiful gemstones into the gorgeous well-lit locking cabinets. Everything looks so much nicer and more sparkly than ever. We said good-bye to many old displays that served us well for 29 years. Now that we are in our 30th year, we are making things fresh and new and will continue to make improvements. It is wonderful and exciting!
There are always solutions to restore balance in pursuit of peace, happiness, and well-being for all. The Crystal Garden still feels and is a place of goodness and love. Come enjoy the serenity and the tranquility in our amazing Conscious Living Store. New books, crystals, and great gifts for yourself and the holidays are arriving daily! There are many personal development events scheduled into 2018 so take a look at the calendar.
May your holiday season be filled with joy and togetherness!
Margaret Ann Lembo
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