Vital Energy: Red and the Root Chakra

The energy vibrating at the root chakra, or lack thereof, regulates your health and your passion for life. Do you have a lot of get-up-and-go or are you always tired? You may need more rest or better nutrition to restore your vital life force. Are you a mover and a shaker or are you a procrastinator? If you find that you are a procrastinator and you aren’t able to conjure up the energy to get things done, then it’s time to light a fire under your root chakra and get things moving.

The lack of motivation, laziness or procrastination could stem from depression or a lack of the proper nutrition. This creates an out-of-balance root chakra because it doesn’t have enough red energy and circulating vitality. Consciously look at your diet and add more red foods. In addition, add red clothes to your life with the intention of activating energy and vitality. Use red stones, wearing them in jewelry or placing a tumbled stone in your pocket. Keep the stones nearby you at home or in your office as a reminder of your intention to make a shift. Make the decision to overcome lethargy, and make it your intention that every day in every way you are more and more motivated. Thinking these thoughts will help you actualize your goal.

To activate the root chakra, carry red stones like garnet, ruby, red jasper and red calcite in your purse, pocket, and briefcase or wear them as jewelry. Institute regular exercise, observe what you are eating and make the necessary changes to bring more live food into your diet. Get more sunshine to integrate vital life energy. Notice and look at the color red in your world with conscious intention. Conscious intention means to simply project the thought—as you carry a red stone, wear that red shirt or look at a red flower—that you are doing so to increase your vital life force and the ability to get things done.



Activating red energy takes focus. Your ability to stay focused and not flitter from one thing to another without accomplishing anything is controlled by your ability to stay grounded and in the present moment.

~Excerpt from Chakra Awakening by Margaret Ann Lembo

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