January 14, 2016 @ 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
The Crystal Garden
2610 N Federal Hwy
Boynton Beach, FL 33435
$60 per hour prepaid, appointment required
The Crystal Garden

PRIVATE SESSIONS WITH DR. GARLAND LANDRITH (whose research was cited in “What the Bleep”).  

Dr. Landrith specializes in removing “blocks,” including old traumas that have resisted other therapeutic work, using quantum field technology, tapping on acupuncture points, and Heartmath.

$60.00 per hour, pre-payment required. Call (561) 369-2836 to schedule an appointment.


Dr. Landrith is a cutting-edge quantum field psychologist/healer whose research was cited in What the Bleep In his pioneering published research studies, Dr. Landrith found that what groups of individuals think (group meditation) could actually improve the quality of life in the city they live in, by lowering crimes, auto accidents, and suicides. His research scientifically demonstrates that if we meditate, we can make this world a better place.

Dr. Landrith has authored a series of scientific studies that have been published in numerous mainstream peer-reviewed scientific journals, including: International Journal of Neuroscience,Journal of Crime and Justice, and The Journal of Mind and Behavior. In addition, his research has been cited by numerous authors including Deepak Chopra, MD., Neale Donald Walsh, and Dr. Dean Radin. He has lectured and taught seminars all over the United States and to date he has taught over 20,000 people techniques that will enable them to manifest the life of their dreams. He has been featured on numerous radio shows including Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell (who co-authored the book The Coming Global Superstorm upon which the movie The Day After Tomorrow is based), Unity FM with Mindy Audlin, and X Zone Radio and TV with Rob McConnell.

Dr. Landrith’s techniques were so well thought of that he was invited to teach a training class at Fort Carson military base in Colorado for therapists and psychologists on how to help the soldiers. He has been a featured speaker at numerous conferences including most recently The Psychic Studies Institute (2007, 2011), The Institute for Noetic Sciences (Tucson 2008, 2012), and The Unity Church Convention (2009).