WEBCAST: Entrepreneurial Skills for the Metaphysician

November 10, 2015 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Academy of the Spiritual Arts
The Crystal Garden
WEBCAST: Entrepreneurial Skills for the Metaphysician @ Online

Presenter:  Margaret Ann Lembo

Price:  $37

Date and Time:  Tues, Nov 10th, 12:00 noon EST

Specifically geared to help you with your career and your Divine Purpose.  Tools for actualizing your goals will be uncovered with real life actions to help you move toward doing the work that you love so your work is like a gift!  Do what you love and the money will follow.  Specific tools for authors (or future authors) are provided to create your brand, website, blog, book, platform, back-of-room sidelines, book tour, cultivation of book store relationships, and so much more.  Specific direction and planning assistance is provided for new business owners as well as seasoned entrepreneurs ready to improve their business, success and image.  Using over 40 years of experience Margaret Ann will help you gain clarity as well as give you specific direction to start the process of creating your life’s work.  Margaret Ann’s background includes construction, real estate, consumer banking, mortgage banker, realtor, property management, retailer, wholesale, vendor, author, speaker, buyer, social media, blogger, educator, and so much more.  (Private Appointments are available for $275 for a 1.5 hour session.  Click here to make your appointment and pay for the private session online.)

After you register I will send you a link to attend live. If you can’t attend live (and even if you do attend live) you will receive an email about 48 hours or less after it is recorded containing information about accessing the recording online via my personal website.

Join the Academy of the Spiritual Arts for $9.99 a month and gain access to over 36 already recorded web classes with unlimited access to the recordings. Membership includes unlimited access to the Webcast of the Month.  Go to this link to get the special:  http://academyofthespiritualarts.com/may-2015-special/


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