Divine Protection: Stability, Protection, and Safety

Divine Protection: Stability, Protection, and Safety

By Margaret Ann Lembo

Do you know you are Divinely protected? You can transmute negativity with intention and self-confidence. You create your daily experiences based on what you think about and believe. Focus on loving kindness and gratitude. You will be amazed at the power of that focus!

Based on the past 35-plus years of owning and operating my store, The Crystal Garden, I’ve observed that it is common for people to believe they are experiencing psychic attacks or that people are sending them bad energy. They live in fear with this belief system and experience negativity because they believe others have that power over them.

My counsel has encouraged them to release those ideas and focus on gratitude for all that is good in their life. Remove jealous and resentful people to prevent negative energy from interfering with relationships, business, and your life. Heal jealousy or envy that stems from you or outside of you. Be mindful and notice if you harbor jealousy or ill wishes toward others. Release anger. Be conscious of who you share your project ideas with and use intention to protect your business ideas and property.

Here are some tools to help you.

Use various crystals and stones to amplify thoughts; they are tools to help you stay grounded and safe. Call specific saints and angels for support to keep you focused on the positive and all that is good. Inhale specific essential oils to heal belief systems and change your thoughts to create your reality with blessings and good luck. Align with the specific animal totems to overcome beliefs that create a reality of worry and harm. You can change your thoughts and, therefore, your reality.

Crystals and Stones
Black Tourmaline ThumbnailThe black and brown gemstones are primarily for grounding, protection, and safety. Black obsidian helps deal with buried negative emotions. Black tourmaline is effective in deflecting negative energy. Use hematite to calm your nerves and redirect energy, not for your highest good. Shungite relieves stress, purifies your energy, and deflects electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). Tiger’s eye has historically been used to keep the evil eye away, i.e. clear jealousy and ill wishes. It is important to replace the undesirable with blessing and well-being. Use ruby in zoisite to amplify a “river of bejeweled blessings.” Green aventurine, the shamrock of the gemstone kingdom, is your ally to amplify good fortune and abundance. Pink calcite, kunzite, and rose quartz are beneficial to amplify love, and all that is good. Angelite, blue chalcedony, and celestite invite the good energy of angels, archangels, and saints to support and bring blessings.

Angels, Archangels, and Saints
Call on the Angel of Protection when your life feels out of control or unsafe. Ask the Angel of Protection to create a shield of shimmering white light around you that transforms and transmutes anything in your space that isn’t love into love.

Archangel Jehudiel, Archangel Michael, and Archangel Sabrael can be called on to ward off evil, jealousy, and constant negative mind chatter. Ask these archangels to be your ally to clear negative mental energy associated with jealousy, negative self-talk, confusing mental chatter, and general chaos.

Wear the medal of Saint Benedict to protect you from curses and evil, protect against diseases, and maintain good health. Saint Christopher is most well-known as the saint to call on for safety while traveling. Ask Mother Mary for protection. She reminds you to pray and align with a higher consciousness.

Essential Oils
Clove essential oil protects from ill wishes and negative energy from your thought patterns. It helps deflect jealousy fromThe Essential Guide to Aromatherapy and Vibrational Healing others. Mist Smudge in Spray and Sage and Cedar Spray to remove jealous, resentful people and negative self-talk. Miracle Water‘s holy waters and floral scent support your faith in yourself and openness to the miraculous. Invoke protection, safety, and good travels with Good Luck Spray and Guardian Angel Spray.

Animal Totems
Armadillo totem is an animal ally to connect with when trying to maintain a sense of safety and when you need to set boundaries. Do you feel like you are being taken advantage of? Armadillo totem enhances your ability to stand up for yourself and establish proper boundaries.

Animal Totems and the Gemstone KingdomBlue Jay totem is an ally that will help you find your voice and courage when you must protect your space, family, business, or emotional field. Blue jays are aggressive and territorial. Call on the energy of Blue Jay when you need to speak up for yourself and establish a clear picture of acceptable and unacceptable behaviors from others regarding your personal space.

Crab has a hard outer shell, which is a symbol of protection of the emotional body. The value of having the hard outer shell, for you and Crab, is to protect you from unwelcome predators. Symbolically, this shell can aid in having a strong sense of self and the ability to set boundaries.

Fireflies have a natural protective mechanism from predators: they taste bad due to a poisonous chemical in their bodies. This characteristic reminds you that you, too, have the innate ability to protect yourself and keep yourself safe and sound. Through the thoughts, words, and emotions you broadcast, the light you emanate naturally protects you.
These are just a few tools to support your quest to shift your thinking and beliefs so you remember that you are always Divinely protected.

In conclusion, here are a few affirmations to support you. Repeat again and again.
I am protected. Experiences from the past empower me. I am discerning about the people I allow into my circle. I am mindful of being in peaceful places to support my loving vibration. I am always Divinely protected.

~ To read more about these tools for protection and blessings, check out some of my books like The Essential Guide to Everyday Angels, Animal Totems and the Gemstone Kingdom: Spiritual Connections of Crystal Vibrations and Animal Medicine, and more.

Bio: Margaret Ann Lembo is the author of The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones; Crystals Beyond Beginners; Chakra Awakening; and many more books on gemstones, aromatherapy, and the power of positive thought. She is an award-winning aromatherapist and the owner of The Crystal Garden–the conscious living store of the Palm Beaches established in 1988. Find out more about Margaret Ann at TheCrystalGarden.com and MargaretAnnLembo.com

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