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Honoring Mother Mary: The Assumption, Dormition, and Aquamarine

Honoring Mother Mary: The Assumption, Dormition, and Aquamarine by Margaret Ann Lembo


Like Enoch and Elijah, Mother Mary, the Mother of Jesus the Christ, was assumed into heaven by the power of God. Upon her natural death, Mother Mary’s soul was received by Christ and she, too, had her body resurrected on the third day after her death. At that time her body was taken up into heaven. Like her son, Jesus the Christ, her tomb was found empty on the third day. The Assumption is celebrated on August 15. According to Eastern and Orthodox Churches, which falls around the same time on the calendar, Mary’s passing is considered the Dormition of the Mother of God. Dormition indicates that Mary died blankwithout suffering in a state of spiritual peace.

As a child, on the 15th of August each year, my mother would send me to the water’s edge of the bay in front of our summer home to collect water from the Atlantic Ocean so the whole family could blessed with the healing in the waters. The belief that the waters of the ocean are blessed on this date leads each of us to the sacred energy of healing and love in the waters of the sea.

blankTo further align with this energy, this year and every year, take a piece of aquamarine, this blue variety of the mineral beryl, in hand for contemplation and meditation. Aquamarine, which means seawater, is associated with Poseidon and Neptune. The varying shades of blue of this stone elicits the soothing energy of peaceful waters. Connecting with sea water through this stone is a joyful way to awaken spiritually and is an excellent tool for self-development and spiritual awakening. The practice of opening communication with sacred energy of the sea helps the development of telepathic skills and the understanding of other types of spiritual communication, including prayer, meditation, and contemplation.

Mother Mary, during her many visitations to Earth after her Assumption, sends out a call to pray. Pray for each other. Pray for yourself. Pray for the well-being of all beings. In the late 1990s, a spiritual teacher asked me to rewrite the Hail Mary prayer. I usually sing it. Here are the lyrics:

Oh Mary! Oh Great Mother!
We honor your presence on our planet.
Oh Mary! Oh Great Mother!
We honor the Christ within you.
Guide all people of our world.
Help us to hear your guidance.
Open our hearts to your love.
Show us the way forever!

Open your consciousness to receive blessings and align with the sanctified vibration of the molecules in the water. If you don’t live anywhere near water, you are able to bless some water straight from your tap with intention, love, and focus. Gaze at your aquamarine, contemplate the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and breathe loving intentions into the water to activate ‘holy water’ for blessing you, your family, your business, and your home. Take advantage of this Holy Day, August 15 that is celebrated by many.

Margaret Ann Lembo is the author of Chakra Awakening; The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones; Archangels & Gemstone Guardians Cards, and many more. Her latest book is Crystals Beyond Beginners: Awaken Your Consciousness with Precious Gifts from the Earth. Margaret Ann is an evolutionary aromatherapist and the owner of The Crystal Garden — the conscious living store of the Palm Beaches established 1988.