20 Things I Know for Sure


A collection of contemplations on life, spirituality, and peace of mind from a much-loved self-help author.

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20 Things I Know for Sure: Principles for Cultivating a Peaceful Living

by Karen Casey, author of Each Day a Beginning and Let Go Now

Simple Truths for a Peaceful Life

A collection of contemplations on life, spirituality, and peace of mind from a much-loved self-help author.

Cultivating a Path Toward Peace. When Karen Casey chose to commit to a spiritual path, her direction in life changed. Gentle and honest, she looks back at her personal experiences to help readers make sense of their world and travel down their own spiritual path.

Life Lessons All Around You. In 20 short chapters, Casey shares words of wisdom about life, loss, and everything in between. Taking on universal themes she reveals what matters most about unconditional love, the importance of peace, and more. Inside, find inspirational life lessons like:

  • Only through relationships can we heal
  • You are right where you are meant to be
  • If you share their journey, learn

If you enjoy essay collections by Mary Oliver and Anne Lamott, or books like No Time to Spare and Peace Is Every Step, you’ll love Karen Casey’s 20 Things I Know For Sure.

Be sure to check out other books by Karen Casey, like Each Day a New BeginningLet Go Now, and Daily Meditations for Practicing the Course.

About the Author:

Millions of fans around the world spend moments of quiet contemplation with Karen Casey daily. Karen is a writer and 12-step recovery workshop facilitator with over forty published titles in over ten different languages. She travels throughout the United States and internationally carrying her message of hope for others in recovery. She is the best-selling author of Each Day a New Beginning, the first daily meditation book written for women recovering from addiction. Oher titles include Let Go NowChange Your Mind and Your Life Will Follow20 Things I Know For SureIt’s Up to YouCodependence and the Power of Detachment, and Peace a Day at a Time. Karen lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Naples, Florida.

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