2022 Llewellyn’s Magical Mystical Cats Calendar


2022 Mystical Cats Calendar

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2022 Llewellyn’s Magical Mystical Cats Calendar

A perfect fusion of witchcraft and cats, this marvelous wall calendar captures the mischievous and mystical energy of felines.

2022 Llewellyn’s Magical Mystical Cats Calendar showcases twelve stunning illustrations by Jessica Allain and Jay Graphixx, two talented artists who bring these cats to life as they work and play with magic.

You’ll enjoy good fortune and better spellcasting all year long. Includes major US, UK, and Canadian holidays and moon phases.


About the Author

Llewellyn Publications has grown and expanded into new areas of personal growth and transformation since it began as the Portland School of Astrology in 1901. Along with the strong line of astrology books the company was founded upon, Llewellyn publishes books on everything from alternative health and healing, Wicca and Paganism, to metaphysics and the paranormal-and since 1994 has published a growing list of Spanish-language titles.

Llewellyn has long been know as one of America’s leading publishers of New Age books, producing a wide variety of valuable tools for the transformation of the mind, body, and spirit. Reach for the Moon and discover that self-help and spiritual growth is what Llewellyn is all about.

An excerpt about Cats from Margaret Ann Lembo‘s Animal Totems and the Gemstone Kingdom

Cat totem is an ally for you when you need to be more flexible in various life situations and find a balance between your dependent and independent behavior. For over 5,000 years, cats have been domesticated companions to humans in many civilizations. Cat is quite coordinated and has considerable elasticity. When Cat shows up in your life, you are being called to stop and observe yourself in order to determine how you can become more flexible.

Just as a cat stalks its prey, “stalk” your own emotions, actions, and reactions in order to uncover the source of repetitive patterns in your relationships, career, or any aspect of your life with gentleness and ease. The resulting realizations most often provide you with self-understanding and self-confidence. Cats are naturally intuitive. There are many people, including reputable researchers, who believe that cats have psychic abilities. Having Cat as a totem and a companion in life improves your intuition through resonance.

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