365 Ways to Develop Your Psychic Ability


365 Ways to Develop Your Psychic Ability

Go from intuitive beginner to master psychic in just five minutes a day!

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365 Ways to Develop Your Psychic Ability

365 Ways to Develop Your Psychic Ability

Go from Intuitive Beginner to Master Psychic in just Five Minutes a Day

Unlock and strengthen your innate psychic potential with 365 fast, effective ways to develop your abilities. Beginning with simple observation skills and moving forward to trance and divination techniques, this book’s step-by-step practices guide you to psychic mastery.

Formatted to fit your personal pace and learning style, 365 Ways to Develop Your Psychic Ability shows you how to build your psychic muscles day by day. Learn meditation, trance techniques, divination, and how to perform readings. Discover extensive exercises on scrying, clairvoyance, intuition, empathy, and more. Using quick and accessible methods that build upon one another, this comprehensive book helps you become a proficient psychic.

About the Author:

Dr. Alexandra Chauran (Issaquah, WA) is a second-generation fortuneteller, a high priestess of British Traditional Wicca, and the queen of a coven. As a professional psychic intuitive for over a decade, she serves psychic apprentices and thousands of clients. She received a master’s in teaching from Seattle University and a doctorate from Valdosta State University and is certified in tarot. In her spare time, when she’s not teaching students of Wicca, she enjoys ham radio with the call sign WI7CH.

Below is excerpted from Margaret Ann Lembo’s Chakra Awakening:


Everyone is intuitive. Regardless of whether we are conscious of it or not, much of what we do is based on feelings and intuition. The actions we take are also often based on the feelings and thoughts of those around us. Now imagine if we all became consciously aware of our intuitive abilities and deliberately acted upon those insights to be an instrument of good in our own lives and in the lives of others. What a wonderful world we would live in! Telepathy, the ability to hear or know the thoughts of others, is a key trait of our intuition. We pick up the thoughts of all those around us using the six intuitive senses, which I refer to as the six clairs (see more on these below). It is through the use and awareness of the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional bodies that information is stored and retrieved and then utilized as we walk through life. Now, let’s become cognitive—aware of the process of acquiring knowledge by the use of reasoning, intuition or perception.

Intuition Development

The development of your third eye occurs over time. It is neither necessary nor advisable to try to move your psychic senses along too quickly. Since your mental state is closely connected to your intuitive nature, it is wise to allow development to unfold more naturally. An out-of-balance third eye center may present itself as schizophrenia, a mental illness associated with impairment of the perception and the expression of reality. I have an unproven theory that some cases of schizophrenia may actually have started from psychic impressions and skills gone awry. Stay grounded in reality and use the protection and grounding techniques that I provide in this book to maintain a realistic development of your intuition.

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