A Little Bit of Dreams: An Introduction to Dream Interpretation


A Little Bit of Dreams: An Introduction to Dream Interpretation leads you through the five steps of her simple approach to dream analysis.

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A Little Bit of Dreams: An Introduction to Dream Interpretation

by Stase Michaels

Stase Michaels draws on a lifetime of experience as a dream analyst and three degrees in psychology to lead you through the magical forest of dream interpretation. In this eclectic, in-depth look at dreaming, she explores how dreams happen and why they are a reliable source of self-knowledge. Michaels also delves deeper, explaining the five simple steps that help beginners understand dream technique; she also provides information on nightmares, dreams about friends and family, and mystical experiences that occur in the guise of dreams.

About the Author:

Stase Michaels is the author of two dream books: More Meanings of Your Dreams (Ottenheimer) and the Bedside Guide to Dreams (Ballantine/Random House), which has gone through three editions and been in print for over 17 years. Michaels has three degrees in psychology, has presented seminars across the US and Canada, and hosted a prime-time radio program on dreams and mystical topics. She runs an interactive website called interpretadream.com that provides both free and professional dream analysis, complete dream information, and a searchable Library of Dreams. Michaels lives in VA.

About Dreaming . . . from Margaret Ann Lembo

“I use my intuition and follow my hunches. My ability to know, see, sense, feel, and hear the truth is profoundly aligned with higher wisdom. I pay attention to my dreams and interpret their messages easily. It’s easy for me to transform and transmute challenging situations.” Margaret Ann

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