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Ancestral Healing for Your Spiritual and Genetic Families


Ancestral Healing for your Spiritual and Genetic Families features exercises, meditation journeys, and rituals that will help you reconcile with your parents and spiritual relatives.

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Ancestral Healing for Your Spiritual and Genetic Families

Shantideva and  Jeanne Ruland

A practical guide to shamanic ancestor work, inspired by Huna and supported by guided rituals and exercises

• Explains how to heal traumatic experiences and old blockages that are stored in the memory of your lineage

• Includes Hawaiian teachings about spiritual and genetic ancestors and reveals how to bond with your spirit family, your Aumakua

• Shows how unlocking the support of your ancestors enables you to shine your light fully

Knowing your ancestral lineage is not only a matter of curiosity, but your life path will also unfold with much more ease if you are aware and in harmony with your origins. Exploring the heritage of your bloodline as well as the energy of your spiritual family, which we are often less aware of, opens you up to the enormous potential for healing and self-development.

This practical guide explains, in a clear and straightforward way, how the energy field of our ancestors influences our personal lives and how we can draw from their strength as well as liberate ourselves from burdens that have been carried over generations. It helps us to lift the veil of forgetting and allow ourselves to fully shine our light, supported by the souls that came before us, by making peace with past hurts and traumas. Drawing on the Huna Hawaiian shamanic tradition as well as other shamanic and energetic practices, the authors show how to connect with our Aumakua, our ancestors, and the higher self, which includes our close relatives, ancestors stretching back thousands of years, and our spiritual ancestors or karmic family. The authors offer practices to reconcile with our parents and spiritual family, uncover suppressed matters and family secrets, clear and charge our personal energy field and our family energy field, and awaken the potential of our bloodline. They explain how to perform an ancestor healing circle, carry out an ancestor release ritual, and offer blessings for children and grandchildren as well as providing meditative journeys to meet our ancestors, our spiritual family, and our spiritual roots in other realms. They also provide short case studies to illustrate how the rituals and exercises have worked for other people.

By enacting ancestral healing, we can recognize who we are, where we come from, and truly fulfill our destiny in this life.

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