Angelite and Black Onyx Turtle


Angelite and Black Onyx Turtle to maintain a connection with feminine energy and intuitive insights. Turtle Medicine helps you stay grounded.

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Angelite and Black Onyx Turtle

“Turtle totem is an ally that aids you in connecting with the cycles of the moon above you and the earth beneath your feet. There are 13 segments on the inner part of the shell of most turtles. There are 13 moons each year, one cycle every 28 days. These 13 segments on Turtle’s shell are reminders to become aware of your relationship with the cycles of life.

When Turtle makes its slow entrance into your life, you are being reminded to maintain a connection with feminine energy, receiving intuitive insights while simultaneously staying grounded and focused on your earthly experience. Turtle is a sign to go within. Spend some silent time inside your own “shell” for quiet reflection. The practice of contemplation and inner connection brings transcendent strength.

Due to Turtle’s connection with the moon and her cycles, this totem helps those with the desire to steadily increase their intuitive skills. The receptive quality of the moon is aligned with the feminine vibration, which is receptive and intuitive by nature. Call on Turtle medicine to “be” instead of “do.” In the state of being, realizations arise to guide you on your path toward a balanced and stable experience.”

Excerpt from Animal Totems and the Gemstone Kingdom by Margaret Ann Lembo

“Angelite is a stone of communication, which is a two-way process—sending and receiving. Employ this stone when you need to be a better listener. Use it to sort out your thoughts and organize all aspects of your life. This is a good stone for writers, musicians, and artists, as it has a strong connection to the muses of Greek mythology.

Black onyx is beneficial to establish a protective shield. Black onyx is a perfect stone for your desk or wherever you perform your work—be it a carpenter’s workstation, an aircraft mechanic’s toolbox, or a daycare provider’s pocket. This stone helps provide mental focus, grounding, and the ability to stay on task. Use black onyx to deflect negative thoughtforms, or mental energy.”

Excerpt from The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones by Margaret Ann Lembo

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