Astrology for Beginners


Astrology for Beginners

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Astrology for Beginners: Learn to Read Your Birth Chart 

by David Pond

Simple Astrological Guidance for Self-Development and Conscious Living

Concise and direct, this easy-to-use guide provides everything needed to uncover the secrets of your birth chart and reveal amazing insights about your true nature. You’ll gain an incredibly expanded understanding of yourself―and others―with this book’s extensive information and examples.

Professional astrologer David Pond introduces you to the most important topics of astrology, including the zodiac signs, planets, houses, aspects, and more. He then builds on the basics to teach you how to interpret your astrological chart and those of the people in your life. From planetary patterns and Sun signs to retrogrades and cusps, this book brings the stars down to earth so you can study astrology with ease.


David Pond is an astrologer, author, speaker, and international workshop leader. He has published a number of books on metaphysical topics, including Chakras Beyond Beginners, Astrology and Relationships, Chakras for Beginners, The Pursuit of Happiness, and Western Seeker, Eastern Paths. David has a Master of Science degree in “Experimental Metaphysics” and has been practicing astrology for over 35 years. David consults with clients regularly helping them work with their astrology to find a meaningful and fulfilling life and strategize through times of transition.
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“Astrology and the Zodiac

The sign of the zodiac with which the stone is associated. There are so many opinions from so many gemologists, authors, astrologers, metaphysicians, and others providing their take on the assignment of the zodiac sign for each gemstone. The astrological signs and some of the vibrational matching gemstones listed here below. The information shared here are based on more than three decades of study with many different teachers. To determine the association, I look at the way the mineral grows, the color associations, chakra qualities, and the geometrics of the stone and how it relates to the qualities.

Keep in mind that you have more than one astrological influence in your personal natal chart. You are so much more than just your Sun sign. The placement of the planets in the houses and the zodiac signs all come together to create your personal blueprint of unlimited potential. It’s how you use the energies that is up to you.

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