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Barbieri StarDragons Oracle Cards


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Barbieri StarDragons Oracle Cards

Dragons, stars and constellations. Built with Paolo Barbieri Artwork fol- lowing a precise astronomical research, the deck calls for inspiration from the deep sky, with Astrological constellations taking the shape of Dragons, and their brightests stars that of ancient fantasy warriors.

By: Rachel Paul

Illustrated by:  Paolo Barbieri


From the brilliant imagination of bestselling artist Paolo Barbieri comes a must-have oracle filled with exquisite and formidable StarDragons—creative renditions of famous constellations, including Andromeda, Pegasus, Orion, and Ursa Major. Barbieri’s StarDragons capture the essence of these cosmic forces and inspire you to conquer your demons, release your anger, achieve success, and much more.

Boxed deck (4 x 5 1/4) includes a 33-card deck and instructional booklet.

About the Author:

Rachel Paul is the author of numerous decks, including Tarot of the Little PrinceBarbieri Night Fairies Oracle Cards, Jack-O’-Lantern TarotAmor et Psyche OracleBarbieri Unicorns Oracle, and StarDragons Oracle Cards.

Paolo Barbieri is an award-winning and popular fantasy artist whose illustrations have appeared in galleries around the world and on the covers of bestselling books published in Europe and North America. He is the creator of Barbieri Fantasy Cats Oracle, Barbieri Fantasy Cats Book, StarDragons Book, Barbieri Night Fairies Book, Barbieri Chinese Oracle, Barbieri Tarot, and Barbieri Zodiac Oracle. Visit him on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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