Bracelet Various 4mm


4mm Beads – Fits Approx 7″ Wrists

Bracelets are a great way to “wear your intention”. Whether you’d like more money, more love, more peace, or more focus we have a bracelet for you!

Available Gemstones

  • Amethyst
  • Black Onyx
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Blue Dyed Howlite
  • Blue Goldstone
  • Garnet
  • Green Aventurine
  • Hematite
  • Lava Stone
  • Lepidolite
  • Mookaite Jasper
  • Moonstone
  • Ocean Jasper
  • Pyrite
  • Rainbow Obsidian
  • Ruby in Zoisite
  • Serpentine (Lemon)
  • Sodalite
  • Tiger’s Eye (Tri-Color)
  • Tourmaline (various)
  • Turquoise dyed howlite
  • Unakite

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Bracelet Various 4mm

Amethyst Bracelet 4mm

Key Phrase: Transformation

Affirmation: I create my reality. I can change my reality. It’s easy for me to transform and transmute challenging situations. I use my intuition and follow my hunches.

Use this purple-toned quartz to ward off nightmares and encourage sweet dreams and restful sleep. It is also good to help you remember your dreams.

The purple vibration in amethyst tumbled stone has powerful transformative qualities.

When you realize your emotions need to be transformed or significantly shifted, amethyst’s purple energy gives you the strength and wherewithal to make the change.

Black Labradorite Bracelet 4mm

Key Phrase: Wide-Angle Lens

Affirmation: My inner light shines brightly for all to see. I am a shining star. I am love. My intuition is strong. I perceive life from a higher perspective. I take the time for reflection. I observe how the world around me is a mirror of the world within me.

Labradorite helps you reflect on your inner light. Labradorite guides you toward understanding the “mirrors” in your relationships, helping you to better see your relationship with yourself. It also enables you to see through the various layers of your emotions. It is ideal for when you are in the process of reinventing yourself. It supports you through the cycle of getting to know previously hidden aspects of yourself and helps you recognize your features and characteristics that were eclipsed behind old preconceived notions.

Black Onyx Bracelet 4mm


Affirmation: I am focused and grounded. I am persistent. I stay with the task at hand until it is complete. I am able to handle challenges. I am always safe and protected. My business is a great success and endures all economic cycles with ease.

Black onyx is beneficial to establish a protective shield when offering spiritual counseling, tarot card readings, channeling, automatic writing, and any other modality that opens you up to psychic influences.

Black onyx is a perfect stone for your desk or wherever you perform your work—be it a carpenter’s workstation, an aircraft mechanic’s toolbox, or a daycare provider’s pocket.

Use this stone as a grounding tool and feel safe in its presence. Place a black onyx next to your bed if you have nightmares or night terror.

Black Tourmaline Bracelet 4mm

Force Fields Up!

Affirmation: I am safe and sound. I am out of harm’s way. All is well. I surround myself with trustworthy people. I am blessed. I am always Divinely protected. I am enveloped in a sphere of goodness and well-being.

Black tourmaline is good at grounding your spiritual practice into your everyday life. This stone also deflects negative energy.

Black tourmaline is helpful when you are feeling scattered and constantly being pulled off center. Use it to help you remain focused on the task at hand.

Black tourmaline helps to draw out dark negative emotions holding you back from living a happy life. This stone helps you uncover the deeper hidden reason for negative actions or reactions toward others.

Blue-Dyed Howlite Bracelet 4mm


Affirmation: Blessings flow through me like a healing river. I am fluid. I am pure and clear. I take the time I need to relax in a pool, bath, or body of water. I drink the right amount of water to maintain a fluid, healthy body.

With its peaceful blue energy, blue-dyed howlite emits calming vibrations. This stone infuses peacefulness into the surrounding area. Use this stone to integrate grounded meditation experiences into your practices.  With this stone in hand, turn your attention toward Native American teachings of Buffalo Medicine and White Buffalo Calf Woman. Learn the lessons of mindfulness to Great Spirit and respect of all humankind. This stone reminds you to pray and respect your elders as well as the environment, taking no more than you need.

Blue Goldstone Bracelet 4mm

Key phrase: Stellar!

Affirmation: I am energetic and vibrant. I shine my light brightly. I live my life passionately with determination. I am creative. I am abundant. I’m an amazing manifester! I have plenty of energy to get everything done. I am a mover and a shaker. Abundance is mine. I have what I need.

Goldstone is very useful during meditation practice for focusing on its associated chakras—the third eye. goldstone is a stone of self-worth and self-motivation. It is an excellent mood stabilizer. The brilliant sparkles within the stone help remind you of your magnificence and encourage you to shine your light brightly with confidence. Goldstone helps you stay focused on happy thoughts. It is a “feel-good” stone that carries the good vibrations of well-being and joy.

Garnet Bracelet 4mm

Passion for Living

Affirmation: I have plenty of energy and plenty to share. I am vital and strong! I live a full passionate life. I am determined. All my needs are met. I am healthy to the core of my being. My body naturally heals itself.

Garnet is the stone of awakening. Its fiery nature inspires enlightenment and activates kundalini energy—a sleeping, dormant force holding all of human potential.

Garnet keeps you focused on your creative power. Carrying the vibration of passion and determination, this red gem helps you to follow through on your goals.

Garnet reminds you to honor yourself and charges you to set up boundaries with others.

Green Aventurine Bracelet 4mm

As Luck Would Have It . . .

Affirmation: I am so incredibly lucky! I have many blessings in my life. Abundance and prosperity are constantly flowing in my life.

Green aventurine helps you make the connection between the earth and your heart, allowing your awareness of the elemental world to assist you in your daily life.

Green aventurine is a stone of good fortune that can amplify your intentions to create more abundance in your life.

Green aventurine can affect your emotional well-being, so be sure to keep a green aventurine near your heart while you sleep to recalibrate your emotions each night.

Hematite Bracelet 4mm


Affirmation: I am calm and peaceful. All is well, and life is good. My roots absorb goodness from the all-giving, bountiful earth, which fills me up and brings me serenity. I am love, and all that surrounds me is love.

Hematite enhances meditation practice by using it with the intent to quiet the mind and to be in the nothingness state of consciousness.

Hematite removes scattered energy from your energy field and repels negative thoughts from your mind as well as from the minds of others.

Hematite works wonders in shifting negative feelings by calming and relaxing your attention on the source of the emotional challenge.

Lava Stone Bracelet 4mm

Affirmation: I am grounded and calm. Cooler heads prevail. I have the strength and fortitude to handle any upcoming changes with ease.

Lava stone is very grounding, it helps to maintain focus and put order to scattered thoughts. This calming stone is great at diffusing anger. It provides clarity and hope in dealing with tumultuous emotions. Works great as an aromatherapy diffuser, simply put a drop of your favorite essential oil directly on the beads.

Lepidolite Bracelet 4mm

Key phrase: Balance Emotions

Affirmation: I embrace my emotions. Nurturing energy surrounds me. My emotional body is aligned. I recognize the love within me. I attract loving, balanced friends, and family into my inner circle. I am calm. I am serene. Tranquility and peace are mine.

Lepidolite is a silicate containing lithium, aluminum, and potassium. Lepidolite encourages a healthy, detached outlook on situations. This stone is good to hold on to when you are feeling mentally unstable or vulnerable. It helps you tap into another level of understanding and to see things from a greater perspective. Lepidolite carries the vibration of lithium, which is used medically to balance the emotions and limit or eliminate extreme mood swings, while the vibration of the pink tourmaline is beneficial for opening the heart center.

Mookaite Jasper Bracelet 4mm


Affirmation: I am strong. My inner core is powerful. I am physically fit, mentally focused, and emotionally balanced. Vital life force flows vigorously through me, providing me with the endurance to remain strong in all areas of my life.

Mookaite encourages you to find a way to keep your mind stable. Use this stone as a tool to keep you focused and grounded. Use mookaite to soothe your mind, quiet distracting thoughts, and keep you on task to reach your goal. The red vibration specifically in mookaite is associated with the root chakra and the basic survival needs of food, shelter, and water—which translate into the foundation for prosperity. It is the stone of motivation and is a perfect anecdote for procrastination. The vibrant red vibration promotes well-being and inner strength.

Moonstone (Peach) Bracelet 4mm

Key Phrase: Extraordinary Awareness

Affirmation: I am consciously aware of my belief systems and thoughts. I am extremely intuitive and perceptive.  I awaken my consciousness and become aware of what thoughts, people, or situations need to be shifted or realigned in my life.

Moonstone is a perfect tool for increasing your intuition and trusting the process of becoming an intuitive. Moonstone promotes dreaming. Dreams provide tools for self-knowledge and help bring mental clarity. With moonstone under your pillow, use the messages of the dreamtime to restore mental balance.

Ocean Jasper Bracelet 4mm

Key phrase: Go with the Flow

Affirmation: I glide through life with balance and grace. I am mindful of my thoughts, words, and actions. I go with the flow. My emotions are stabilized. I manifest a happy, joyful life through the intentional creation of reality. I am conscious of the power of the Law of Attraction.

Ocean Jasper is also known as orbicular jasper. The orb-like inclusions of orbicular jasper provide a tool for focus during meditation and for getting to the center of yourself.  Due to its spherical patterns, it holds the vibration of how thoughts, words, and actions interact in our world. This stone is a reminder of the circular flow of energy—how what you send out comes back to you. All thoughts travel in a circular direction, returning as manifest reality.

Pyrite Bracelet 4 mm

Golden Opportunities

Affirmation: My confidence is rock solid. I focus on my intentions and take positive action to manifest my goals. I am prosperous and abundant in all facets of my life. I enjoy the many favorable opportunities that are presented to me.

Pyrite reminds you of the golden flecks in your halo.  The golden vibration of pyrite assists you in remembering your magnificence.  Pyrite helps strengthen courage and self-confidence.  Pyrite is a stone of financial abundance. Use this stone with intention when you are trying to improve your financial status.

Rainbow Obsidian Bracelet 4 mm

Key Phrase: Remembering

Affirmation: Energy freely flows through my energy centers, and the rainbow body within me is enlivened. I am highly aware on all levels—mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I look inward to remember and know. The past makes me stronger.

Rainbow obsidian points you toward the rainbow body of your soul. It is a reminder that you are a luminescent being that carries the full spectrum of light. Use this stone as a tool for meditation and inward reflection.

This is a good stone to use when you need to trigger your memory. Use it as a tool for focus while you are studying, doing rituals, or any other activity requiring focus and memory from deep within the recesses of your mind.

It is never pleasant to re-experience the deep emotional wounds and trauma of the past, but the rainbow energy of this stone supports you in this endeavor so that the hooks keeping you rooted to those trying memories can begin to disintegrate.

Ruby in Zoisite Bracelet 4mm

Key Phrase: A River of Bejeweled Blessings

Affirmation: I am willing to receive love. The door to my heart is open. Blessings flow into my life. I accept gifts, love, and attention with ease and grace. I am grateful for all that is bestowed upon me.

Ruby in zoisite tumbled stone amplifies the love you give to others and aligns you with your sacred heart and the sacred heart of all beings. Use this stone to send healing vibrations to areas where the people and the earth have experienced suffering or disaster.

Ruby in zoisite helps you shift your perceptions so you can see everything through the eyes of love. With this stone in hand, silence your thoughts and look within your heart.

Zoisite with ruby amplifies the vibration of love. It is especially comforting to use during the grieving process, as it helps mend a broken heart.

Serpentine (Lemon) Bracelet 4mm

Fabulous, Fortunate, and Phenomenal

Affirmation: I am so fortunate! I connect with the right people at the right time. All of my hard work is paying off in all areas of my life. I am blessed with good health, great prosperity, and fabulous friends and colleagues. Wherever I go and whatever I do, I am blessed.

Serpentine helps you keep your mind focused on positive thoughts. This stone reminds you to be aware of negative thoughts so that you can immediately release them and replace them with good thoughts. Use it to help you get to the source of what’s eating at you. It’s also the perfect stone to help heal your heart from relationship challenges, whether it is the loss of a friendship, lover, or relationship of any sort. It also helps you open your heart and relax into relationships again.

Sodalite Bracelet 4mm

Shields Up

Affirmation: I feel safe and protected. I am grounded and focused. I enjoy a balanced approach to life. I am healthy.

Shungite helps you feel connected to all life. It helps you connect to your place in the universe and your life’s purpose. This stone solidifies your root chakra encouraging a strong base. This helps you work through the higher Chakras.

This stone encourages you to find practical solutions in going after your goals and desires. It allows you to be straightforward without being confrontational. It helps you release worries in all areas of your life.

Shungite encourages harmony in your life without sacrificing your own happiness or desires. This stone inspires true and fair compromise. It can protect you from negativity whether from outside or inside sources.

Tiger’s Eye (tricolor) Bracelet 4mm

Eye of the Tiger

Affirmation: I am safe. I have constant protection surrounding me.

Gold tiger’s eye enlivens your ability to remember your dreams and use the dreamtime for spiritual advancement.

Tiger’s eye aids with mental clarity. The yellow tones brighten and lighten your outlook on all that is positive. Open your mind to unlimited possibilities.

Gold tiger’s eye helps you to release feelings of jealousy. Using this stone helps you to focus your attention on raising your self-confidence.

Tourmaline (various colors) Bracelet 4mm

Angelic Resonance

Affirmation: I hear the angels sing. The energy of my own loving vibration nurtures my thoughts and feelings. Unconditional love is mine today and always. Every cell in my being vibrates at the rate of love. I feel good. I am happy. I am grateful.

This stone is useful whenever you need an injection of unconditional love, which starts with first loving yourself unconditionally. It comforts you when you are emotionally vulnerable. Employ this stone to discover what unconditional love means, how it feels, and what to do to actualize it for yourself. Green and Pink tourmaline increases your awareness of what thoughts you think and whether or not they are good, positive thoughts. As you become aware of these thoughtforms, or mental energy, this gem can further assist you in focusing on what you want and letting go of any energy that is preventing you from attaining your goals.

Turquoise Dyed Howlite Bracelet 4 mm

Key Phrase: Purity

Affirmation: Blessings flow through me like a healing river. I am fluid. I am pure and clear. I take the time I need to relax in a pool, bath, or body of water.

Howlite is a reminder to connect with the moon, its cycles, and the spiritual benefits derived from the moon’s receptive vibrations. Use this stone to open to your intuitive skills. Focusing on this gem can deepen telepathic, psychometric, and visionary intuition. With this stone in hand, turn your attention toward Native American teachings of Buffalo Medicine and White Buffalo Calf Woman. Learn the lessons of mindfulness to Great Spirit and respect of all humankind. This stone reminds you to pray and respect your elders as well as the environment, taking no more than you need.

Unakite Bracelet 4mm

Key Phrase: A Balancing Act

Affirmation: My emotions are balanced. I am able to observe my reactions to others in an objective and loving way. Love allows me to awaken my consciousness. I understand the underlying cause of challenging situations, and I move through them with ease and grace.

Unakite is a granite rock containing quartz, pink feldspar, and green episode. Unakite is the stone of balance. Use it to help you balance your mind with your heart and emotions. This stone helps you make decisions using both your head and your heart. It also aids in calming the internal debate and incessant chatter that goes on in your mind and offers peace and comfort in the face of anxiety.

Excerpted from The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals, and Stones (Llewellyn. 2013) byMargaret Ann Lembo




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