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Bumble Bee Agate Cabochon


Bumble Bee Agate Cabachon
(approx 1.5″ x 1.25″)

Bee All You Can Be!

Affirmation: I am confident and joyful. I believe that with hard work anything is possible.  I easily recognize my emotions and process any anger or sadness with ease.

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Use Bumble Bee Agate Cabochon for confidence and courage.

Color: yellow, orange, grey, and black

Chakra(s): solar plexus

Astrological sign(s): Leo

Spiritual uses: A joyous stone that reminds you of your Divine essence. Connects you with your inner strength and courage. This stone reminds you to believe in the impossible.

Mental uses: Allows one to become aware of self-limiting thought patterns and beliefs. Encourages one to think out of the box and feel confident in expressing new ideas.

Emotional uses: Can be beneficial when one is trying to understand one’s own feelings. Assists in identifying negative feelings so you can process it and move into happiness and joy. Use bumble bee agate to help garner the courage needed to get through difficult emotional times.

Physical uses: Beneficial for the digestive system and kidneys. Supports the healthy processing of nutrients and the elimination of waste.

“Are you lacking confidence in your abilities? What about yourself do you find difficult to accept? Acknowledge your magnificence as well as your shortcomings, and then focus on what you do well to increase your self-esteem. Trust that it is safe to be powerful in a loving way. Shine your light to reach your full potential!” Excerpt from The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones

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