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Busy Bees Garden Angel


Affirmation: Many people with plenty of resources need the services I offer, and I am happy to be of service. I’m self-motivated and productive. I complete my tasks and creative projects with ease.

Hand Painted Inspirational Angel Figurine, Decorative Sculpture for Home Decor, Beautiful Wood Carved Look

7.25″ x 12.5″ inches


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Busy Bees Garden Angel

Stand with your face to the sun – finding happiness and prosperity in all you strive for.

Part of the Wings of Whimsy collection designed by Laura Benge. This hand-painted, resin Garden Angel was carefully designed to match the artist’s original woodcarving.

This unique, incredibly detailed angel will make an unforgettable gift.

Garden Angels can be displayed on our specially designed stakes, hooks and tabletop stands.

Approximately 12″ tall

Angel of Career

“Call on the Angel of Career to gain a clear understanding of your business or your life purpose about your career. This angel can help you be a visionary and allow for the unimpeded flow of information, ideas, and realizations to create or grow a successful business. Ask this angel to help you make a list of what it will take to accomplish your goals. Imagine the Angel of Career to motivate you to take the actions required. It requires courage and confidence to create your business and take action to fulfill your vision. With this angel’s assistance, uncover your business acumen, tap into your determination, and access your willingness to make unlimited income doing what you love to do. This angel encourages you to be adventurous and far-sighted as you think outside the box to implement your ideas into action regarding your professional pursuits.”

-Excerpted from The Essential Guide to Everyday Angels by Margaret Ann Lembo

Bee Totem 

“Bee totem is an ally for gardeners and farmers. Bees are essential for life on this planet; all plant life relies on bees for pollination, which is necessary for the fertilization of plants and reproduction. When Bee shows up in your life, it is time to cultivate concepts or projects through action. Do what needs to be done, and make things happen. It’s time to be productive!”

-Excerpted from Animal Totems And The Gemstone Kingdom: Spiritual Connections Of Crystal Vibrations And Animal Medicine by Margaret Ann Lembo

Weight22 oz
Dimensions5.25 × 8 in

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