Calling All Angels Prehnite Gemdrop Pendant


Calling All Angels Prehnite Gemdrop Pendant

  • Calling All Angels Prehnite Gemdrop Pendant – Gemdrop approx 1″

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Calling All Angels Prehnite Gemdrop Pendant

Selenite – Beam of Light Stone

  • Calling All Angels Prehnite Gemdrop Pendant – Gemdrop approx 1″

Selenite opens the pathway to connect to the highest realms; opening all chakras. It is a powerful tool to connect with teachers, angels and guides by opening the higher self. The soothing properties of Selenite allow one to become calm, centered and filled with divine light. Selenite constantly cleanses and recharges itself.

Prehnite connects us to the Archangel Raphael. Prehnite is a stone of unconditional live. It enhances inner knowledge, showing the path forward to spiritual growth through attunement with divine energy.

Selenite is a very soft crystal; it should be handled with care. It should never be washed or placed in water because this can erode or damage its surface. Handle with the utmost care. Use Sage or moonlight if you wish to cleanse your amulet.

More about the gemstones in this Calling All Angels Prehnite Gemdrop Pendant  from The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones by Margaret Ann Lembo


Divine Connections

Affirmation: I am aligned with the Divine. I am a spiritual being of Divine love and Divine light. My spine, bones, tendons, and muscles are healthy, strong, and aligned. I have access to the ancient wisdom stored within me.

Color: reflective milky white

Chakra(s): crown

About the stone: Selenite is the form of the mineral gypsum that crystallizes in well-formed crystals. Selenite (gypsum) is a hydrous calcium sulphate that crystallizes in the monoclinic system with crystals being tabular in nature, often exhibiting twinning.

Astrological sign(s): Cancer

Planet(s): the Moon

Number(s): 7

Element(s): water

Mohs scale: 1.5–2


All That Is Good

Affirmation: I am open and receptive to all that is good. I have the support of good friends. My friends and colleagues see the good within me. I am well respected. I embrace new opportunities and new friendships. Great happiness is normal in my life.

Color: translucent pale green

Chakra(s): heart and solar plexus

About the stone: Prehnite is a hydrated calcium aluminum silicate that crystallizes in the orthorhombic system. Usually this mineral is found in massive form often exhibiting botryoidal growth.

Astrological sign(s): Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces pytitohedron

Planet(s): Earth

Number(s): 13

Element(s): earth

Mohs scale: 6–6.5

Spiritual uses: Prehnite is a perfect stone to help integrate into your everyday life the spiritual teachings of the impermanence of all things. It aligns you with the vibrations of peace and renewal inherent in the constant changes of the Universe and releases the feeling of being challenged by them. Use it for meditation practice to contemplate the impermanence of life and the cycles of creation and destruction.


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