Celestial Frequencies: Oracle Cards and Healing Activators


Amplify Your Connection with the Cosmos

Energetically Charged and Activated...

…from Ascended Masters, Galactic Healing Teams, the Angelic Realms, Elementals, Faeries, and other powerful Celestials.

Ignite a Pathway to Self-Empowerment

This oracle deck uses high light, color, and vibration frequencies to assist in self-healing.

This Deck is For You If

You are a lightworker, energy healer, metaphysical practitioner, Starseed, or simply interested in enhancing your spiritual connection to the celestial realm.

  • 44 colorful art cards
  • 144-page accompanying book
  • 7 card spreads

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Celestial Frequencies: Oracle Cards and Healing Activators

Celestial Frequencies: Oracle Cards and Healing Activators

Amplify your connections with the cosmos and receive potent guidance, healing, and intuitive insights directly from the celestial realms with this inspired deck. As you become infused with the divine light code frequencies of these 44 oracle cards, you’ll brilliantly ignite a pathway to self-empowerment. This deck includes seven innovative Healing Shields, and seven Healing Codes to help you exponentially raise your vibration to a higher octave. You’ll learn to spiritually decode light-based energies, enhance your multidimensional communication, and initiate positive healing vibrations that promote well-being. Includes seven unique cards spread suggestions and four potent Healing Activator Grids. Use this inspiring deck for personal intuitive guidance, healing activation, client readings, and energetic upgrades, or as affirmation cards. Expand your awareness beyond what you’ve ever dreamed possible!


“Enoch is known as Metatron after his bodily ascent into heaven. He is a celestial scribe. Archangel Metatron is strongly associated with your ability to transform yourself and your life due to his own fiery transformation from Enoch to Metatron. Call on Metatron to motivate you to take positive action to understand your soul’s purpose, to foresee potential future realities, and activate the connection with higher consciousness and your soul’s evolution.” – Excerpted from The Essential Guide to Everyday Angels by Margaret Ann Lembo

About the Author

Lightstar is a pioneering high-frequency attunement artist, celestial channel, and author/creator of The Magical Dimensions Oracle Cards and Activators. Her enchanting and magical artwork is infused with activating light codes that transmit pure divine inspiration.
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