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Crystal Enlightenment

Crystal Enlightenment

A comprehensive, yet easy to understand guide to the use of crystals and gems for internal growth, healing and balance in your daily life. Learn how to extend your personal awareness and center by attuning to crystal energies. The magnitude and potential of crystals and gems to impact positively our personal lives and the evolving planet we live on is significant.
CRYSTAL ENLIGHTMENT is designed for anyone interested in the basic understanding necessary to use the healing properties inherent within the mineral kingdom to improve our external and internal lives.

Author – Katrina Raphaell

Katrina Raphaell is the best selling author of the Crystal Triology: Crystal Enlighenment (1985), Crystal Healing (1987) and The Crystalline Transmission (1989). Known as a pioneer in her field, Katrina founded The Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts in 1986 and has since taught thousands of students around the world the art, theory and practice of Crystal Healing. She has also trained teachers to carry on her work in Crystal Academy satellites world wide. Her new book, Crystalline Illumination, embodies the last thirteen years of crystal research and is already published in three languages.

Katrina realized that training was needed for people to safely practice crystal healing and founded The Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts in 1986. The information in her four books creates the foundation for the Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Crystal Healing Certification Courses taught through the Crystal Academy. With her books circulating on a global level thousands of students from all over the world have been trained by Katrina at the Crystal Academy in the art, theory and practice of crystal healing.

In 1998 Katrina began to train qualified teachers to provide Crystal Healing Certification Courses in their own location. Since that time, thousands of students have been trained by Crystal Academy Teachers worldwide including in the USA, China, Japan, Italy, France, Singapore, Argentina, Canada, and Australia.

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