Crystal Skulls

Crystal Skulls

Interacting with the Phenomenon of Crystal Skulls




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Crystal Skulls

Interacting with the Phenomenon of Crystal Skulls

This book, based on facts and personal experiences, summarizes the results of the author’s many years of exploration and interaction. You will learn to understand about their different characteristics and their special energies, and how you can use these energies and characteristics for personal growth.

Become aware of your energetic connection with them and how it affects your awareness and expands your consciousness.  Let this book invite you on a journey into a deeper understanding of who you are.

Subjects include:

  • Why a skull shape?
  • How to categorize crystal skulls
  • Original, singing fully activated skulls
  • Different energies connected with skulls
  • The effects of skulls on human beings
  • The effects of skulls on earth energies
  • The legend of the thirteen skulls
  • And much more!

Author – Jaap van Litten, PhD

van Litten was born and educated in the Netherlands. He received his Ph.D. in biology in Amsterdam, specializing in ecology. For the past seventeen years, his focus has been on metaphysical ecology. He studies and teaches about human energies, Earth energy lines and vortexes, the energies of crystals and crystal skulls, and how these systems interact. In this book, he focuses on the interaction between the human energy system and the energies of crystal skulls. Since 1998, he has lived in the US with his wife and currently resides in the Sedona, AZ area.

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