Divine Feather Messenger Cards


Divine Feather Messenger Cards

Set includes 44 double-sided cards and an 80-page guidebook.

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Divine Feather Messenger Cards: Book and Deck Set

by Alison Denicola  Illustrated by David Scheirer

This inspirational deck,  Divine Feather Messenger Cards, brings the angelic insights and healing energy associated with finding feathers; to those who seek divine guidance from the mystical realm of birds. Double-sided cards present feather art on one side, with a watercolor image of the bird and an affirmational message on the reverse.

The guidebook shares special stories about the 44 different birds and relates their natural symbolism to colors, seasons, elements, and special energies. Set includes 44 double-sided cards and an 80-page guidebook.

About the Author

Alison Denicola is an award-winning author, yoga and meditation teacher, energy healer, and coach. She began her journey into yoga, healing, and teaching back in 2003 with a passion to explore eastern philosophies, energy healing modalities, tarot, and symbolism. She began leading group classes and workshops in 2009 centered around meditation and stress release. Alison’s first card deck, Mudras for Awakening the Energy Body was released in 2016 by US Games Systems INC. and won the COVR award for Product of the Year. Her follow-up deck Mudras for Awakening the Five Elements was published in 2017- both card decks are beautifully illustrated by artist Sabina Espinet. Other titles include the playful Yoga Dogs and Yoga Cats based on Dan Borris’s unique pet photography featuring dogs and cats in yoga postures. The Divine Feather Messenger was a COVR multi-award winner in 2020 which is a unique inspirational card deck based on feather symbolism and bird totems. Her most recent card deck, Nature and Soul Yoga Wisdom illustrated by Christine Zillich, pairs yoga postures with animal and nature symbols for messages and insight.

Words from David Scheirer from his website: .dswatercolors.com/

I am a painter and illustrator, specializing in watercolors. I fell in love with watercolors in college. I find the medium suits my vision and is endlessly fun to experiment with. I enjoy finding interesting combinations between realism, crisp detail, and the expressive fluidity of watercolors. I sell original paintings and prints of my work, which can be found here: http://www.dswatercolors.com/store

I grew up in the Washington DC area, and currently live in Aberdeen, Maryland. I like spending time exploring the outdoors, I especially enjoy bird watching, collecting fossils, and beachcombing – all of which inspires my artwork.  I enjoy painting birds, shells, plants, and other subjects from nature. Most are painted life-size and for the most part, my work tends to be on the small size.

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