Druzy Agate Heart


Druzy Agate Heart

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  • Druzy Agate Heart  3.25″ x 2.5″ x 1.25
  • Druzy Agate Heart 5.5″ x 5 x 2.75″  (2.2 lbs)


Druzy Agate Heart

Open Up!

Affirmation: It’s easy to open myself up and allow the light to break through. As I unlock the secrets of my soul, my thoughts and belief systems are revealed. I am a caretaker of the earth, and I take the time to enjoy nature. My connection with the fairies is strong. I am a good gardener!

Color: brown

Chakra(s): root

About the stone: Silicon dioxide forming microcrystalline quartz with a brownish hue. Stones can be translucent to opaque

“In geology, druse or druzy refers to a coating of fine crystals on a rock fracture surface or vein or within a vug or geode. Druse occurs worldwide; the most common is perhaps quartz druse within voids in chert or agates. Garnet, calcite, dolomitic, and a variety of minerals may occur as druse coatings. Wikipedia”

Druzy Agate Heart is a perfect stone for connecting with the elemental spirits, devic forces, and the fairy kingdom. The plant and other earth spirits are aligned with this stone. With it, you can tap into the wisdom of the earth’s stewards.

Agate reminds you that laughter and play are keys to a balanced emotional state. This stone wants you to make mud pies and reactivate your child-like nature. The carefree energy of this stone, which is strongly aligned with the nature spirits, helps you heal your inner child and issues from the past. This stone also helps you to sort out your emotions so that you can recognize that all that exists is this present moment.

Excerpted from The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones by Margaret Ann Lembo

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