Elements of Horse Spirit


The Elements of Horse Spirit: The Magical Bond Between Humans and Horse

by Debra DeAngelo

Develop a Deep, Magical Bond with Humanity’s Oldest Spirit Ally

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The Elements of Horse Spirit: The Magical Bond Between Humans and Horse

by Debra DeAngelo

Develop a Deep, Magical Bond with Humanity’s Oldest Spirit Ally

Harness the amazing spiritual power of horses with this brilliant book on bridging the physical world of horses with the metaphysical realm of Horse Spirit. You’ll enhance your life by connecting to equine energy and forging a powerful bond with actual horses and spirit guides.

Explore the myths and history of horses as well as the long-lived symbiotic relationship humans have with them. Discover practical horsemanship activities and advice, techniques for working with the four elements, and hands-on exercises to strengthen your energetic connection to horses. This groundbreaking book also helps you choose the best horse for you, both physically and spiritually, and live in harmony with him. Through heartwarming personal stories and well-researched insights, Debra DeAngelo reveals the incredible ways in which horses heal, ground, and teach you to be better in everything you do.


The Elements of Horse Spirit is an epic, yet intensely personal and practical book. Debra’s perspective on the role of Horse and horses in our lives is deeply meaningful and incredibly thorough, and as you embark on your own journey―a joy to learn from!”―Sunny Schlenger, author of Organizing for the Spirit

“The gift of self-realization and the higher octave of life lies within the essence of the horse―sacred, powerful, beautiful, wild, joyful, intelligent, and adventurous….Informative and delightful, this book is a tale of one woman’s incredible journey into healing. A true shamanic inspiration. The prose glitters. The experience is real. An excellent story of ‘Yes, you can!”―Silver Ravenwolf, bestselling author of To Ride a Silver Broomstick

“An inspiring, well-researched, interesting, and deeply personal book….It masterfully weaves together the history of the human-horse relationship, the mystical influence of horse energy, our physical connection with horses, and the healing qualities of being with our equine friends. I enjoyed the insightful meditations and practical tips that help the reader tune into and harness horses’ gentle power. This, combined with Debra’s skillful writing that is interlaced with personal experiences and humor, makes the book so much more than an informative, hands-on volume on horses; it is a multi-dimensional manual for personal growth, interpersonal relationships, and healing on all levels.”―Lokita Carter, cofounder of The Ecstatic Living Institute

About the Author

Debra DeAngelo is a garden-variety Pagan, with many eclectic spiritual interests and pursuits, in particular, endlessly studying tarot and facilitating small tarot workshops. After twenty-six years as a managing editor in the field of print journalism, she turned her focus to books and freelance writing. An award-winning, formerly syndicated columnist, she now writes feature stories and book reviews for SageWoman and Witches & Pagans magazines. She is additionally a lifelong horse lover and Mama to a spectacular old Hanoverian gelding.

“Horse totem is an ally to help you become extraordinarily cognizant of all that is occurring around you. Because they are prey animals, horses are overly aware of their surroundings. In fact, they have amazing vision and can see about 350 degrees. They have both monocular vision and binocular vision. With monocular vision, they can use both eyes separately because their eyes are on the side of their head. Horses also have binocular vision, which uses both eyes to see, increasing their field of view. Use Horse as an ally to increase your awareness and improve your situational awareness. Use your innate peripheral vision on a physical level (seeing with your eyes), and also use your peripheral vision mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This encourages you to broaden your scope of understanding and realizations.

When Horse trots into your life, it signals a time to find your center so you can easily move forward at a moment’s notice. Horses have a strong sense of balance as well as the ability to quickly make a decision to flee or further assess the situation. This characteristic reminds you to use the information you gathered using your hypersensitive nature to assess whether or not the real danger is near. Align with Horse energy for endurance and the ability to take action and move forward.” ~an excerpt from Animal Totems and the Gemstone Kingdom by Margaret Ann Lembo

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