Flute Brand Incense – 15g


Available Scents

  • Amber 15 gm
  • Meditation 15 gm
  • Mind & Soul 15 gm
  • Nagalinga Champa 15 gm
  • Peace 15 gm
  • Tradition 15 gm
  • Tranquility 15 gm
  • Yoga 15 gm

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Flute Brand Incense 15g – Amber

“Amber is tree sap resin used much like copal. It is helpful for maintaining a sacred space and setting healthy boundaries with others. This resin keeps those energy suckers at bay. Burn this resin in your home to keep away people who show up uninvited, overstay their welcome, or continuously borrow your stuff instead of buying their own.”

~excerpt from the eBook – All About Smudging

Flute Brand Incense 15g – Nagalinga Champa

The sweet smell of the Champa Flowers-coupled with the divine offering to lord Shiva makes this incense exceptional and ideal for praying.

Flute Brand Incense 15g – Meditation

Concentration and perception increase if the mind is relaxed. Meditation is the right way to rest, rejuvenate and relax our mind. It helps our mind to focus on and understand our inner self. Meditation increases positivity. Ancient India had understood the importance of meditation to promote spirituality in one’s life.

Purify your meditating ambiance with Flute Meditation Incense from the house of Cycle Pure Agarabthies. Inhale a whiff of this special hand-rolled incense sticks from India and feel the goodness of the oriental floral scent.

Flute Brand Incense 15g – Mind & Soul

One needs to connect with nature to understand its subtle message for our well-being. Perfect harmony between nature, body, mind, and soul leads to eternal bliss. A calm mind will be able to listen to oneself and thereby to mother nature.

Light Flute Mind & Soul to soothe yourself in the fresh and green floral scent advocated by traditional Indian medicines from the yore. The fragrance has been an integral part of holistic therapy and aromatherapy.

Flute Brand Incense 15 gm – Nagalinga Champa

Flute Brand Incense 15g – Peace

Light Flute Peace incense and feel the sweet fruity fragrance. The pleasant light fruity note unwinds slowly and makes you yearn for more. It is the scent of dew drops that spent all night on the most delicate fruits of the Mediterranean orchards. It induces stillness and harmony and thereby peace of mind.

Flute Brand Incense 15g – Tradition

The rich oriental tradition and knowledge resplendent with practices that aim at promoting well-being are being diligently hand down through generations to be nurtured and followed.

The complex fragrance of Flute Tradition lets you reap the benefits of the perfect blend of traditional ingredients that include chosen herbs, spice, and other oriental fragrance.

Flute Brand Incense 15g – Tranquility

Bask in the protective and curative fragrance of Flute Tranquility, the right incense for a happy and peaceful home. The cosmetic fragrance emanated by camphor and chosen herbs eases your mind, invites positivity into your homes and makes the ambiance blessed and tranquil. The perfect fragrance for families that return to be with each other after a busy day.
Pleasant times need pleasant fragrance too!

Flute Brand Incense 15g – Yoga

The 5000-year-old practice that began in India has been considered the most powerful tool to promote physical and psychological well-being. Yoga transcends region and religion. Physical and spiritual benefits of Yoga manifest to its maximum when practiced in the right ambiance.

Flute Yoga Masala Incense Sticks are hand-rolled with chosen ingredients to fill the atmosphere with a cool floral delicate scent that induces a devotional ambiance.

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