Frankincense Mist


Calm and Conscious

Frankincense is the ultimate oil for meditation practice.

Use this spray to help you align you with compassion, peace, and higher consciousness.

Excellent for improving mental clarity, increasing spiritual awareness, and mystical experiences.

Ingredients: Water; Frankincense Medical Grade Essential Oil

Frankincense is also available “neat” in a dram bottle

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Frankincense Mist

Calm and Conscious

Spiritual uses: Frankincense is the ultimate oil for meditation practice. It helps you to align yourself with compassion, inner peace, tolerance, and love. Frankincense aligns you with higher consciousness. It increases your awareness of the spiritual and mystical experience of the unity of the universe. The unity of this higher consciousness is also called superconsciousness (Yoga), objective consciousness (Gurdjieff), Buddhic consciousness (Theosophy), cosmic consciousness, God-consciousness (Sufism and Hinduism), and Christ consciousness (New Thought). This is a perfect oil for spiritual counselors, intuitive readers, keynote speakers, Reiki practitioners, and meditation facilitators. Use it to align with Archangel Zaphkiel (Tzaphkiel) for understanding and mindfulness and with Archangel Uriel for illumination and peace.

Mental uses: Use frankincense to clear your mind of incessant chatter. The result is clarity of consciousness. Allow the scent of frankincense to automatically translate thoughts and feelings to a deeper understanding of yourself. Frankincense brings higher levels of clarity to life’s experiences and can help you to quickly center yourself and quiet your thoughts. Use it for focus and grounding.

Emotional Uses: Frankincense Mist brings a sense of calm and inner peace, thereby quieting ruffled emotions and out-of-balance feelings.

Physical Uses: Use frankincense for all respiratory concerns. It is beneficial to open breathing passages. It’s perfect for the healing process during recovery of pneumonia, pleurisy, bronchitis, sinus congestion, and similar ailments.

Ingredients: Water; Frankincense Medical Grade Essential Oil

Aromatic Blend Notes: balsamic, dry, resinous, rich, sweet, woody; reminiscent of a museum of fine art or a church

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Made with Love by Margaret Ann Lembo
The Crystal Garden, Inc.
877-444-5099 •
For external use only. Shake well.

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Weight 2.9 oz
Dimensions 2.25 × 1.5 × 4.75 in
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