Frog Pendant


Frog Pendant

Frog Pendant:

  • Frog Pendant – .75x.9x.25″


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Frog Pendant

Frog Pendant:

    • Frog Pendant – .75 x .9 x .25″

Are you ready to leap forward? Do you need to cleanse away negative thoughts or energies that are holding you back? Do you believe you have good luck and great prosperity? Have you kissed any “frogs” lately?

Frog totem is an ally that helps you make significant leaps forward in your life, as well as in your soul’s evolution. When Frog hops in, it may be alerting you to get ready to take action. Whether you are catapulting upward in your career or your spiritual practice, Frog symbolizes that you are ready. Metamorphosis is another aspect of this amphibian’s medicine. The significance of the metamorphosis from tadpole to frog adds another layer to Frog’s forward-leaping energy.

Frog is associated with water and rain, preferring to be in moist conditions. On a metaphysical level, water relates to your emotions. Unclutter your mind and emotions in order to lighten your energy for the big leap forward. For processing and clearing, try contemplation and/or meditation, journaling, forgiveness exercises, yoga or tai chi, cleansing baths, or spa treatments.

Frog is an indicator to bring your awareness to areas of your life that need cleansing. Perhaps you have to tie up some loose ends or clean out your closet, including the closet of your mind. Through focused spiritual practices, use the power of your intention to purify and cleanse. It is also advisable to take a moment to note if you are well hydrated. Frogs are very susceptible to dehydration; therefore, Frog medicine urges you to be sure to drink enough water daily.

Frog also indicates good fortune and prosperity. Good fortune frogs, which are found in the ancient Chinese art of feng shui, symbolize wealth, and good fortune. Also, look to Frog medicine to help with discernment when looking for your life partner. In ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, frog symbolizes fertility. Frog is a good ally to have when you are ready to start a family.


Excerpted from Animal Totems and the Gemstone Kingdom (Findhorn Press.) by Margaret Ann Lembo

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