Gaia Oracle Cards

The Gaia Oracle cards are a gateway to the wisdom of our Earth Mother to help you connect with Gaia for peace and healing


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The Gaia Oracle cards are a gateway to the wisdom of our Earth Mother. Inspired by the spirit of Mother Nature, this deck will help you connect with Gaia for peace and healing. Each card features a powerful, heartfelt message and a self-empowering affirmation to help you fulfill your dreams.

Far back in time, light from the underlying fabric of creation burst forth creating the super-luminous event through which our Universe was born. Time began its endless journey through ever-expanding space. The early universe was simply a sea of particles floating through space and time. But life’s invisible wheels were already in motion and over time the sea of particles became a sea of stars from which Gaia, our Earth, was born; a living, breathing entity; our Goddess, our Mother and our reflection. Gaia Oracle will point you in love’s direction and help you find the answers you seek. – 45 Gaia-inspired images designed to bring peace and healing. – 45 powerful heartfelt messages that offer guidance and clarity. – 45 self-empowering affirmations to help you fulfil your dreams.

About the Author

Toni Carmine Salerno is an intuitive artist and best-selling author with a strong interest in spirituality, philosophy and energy healing. Along with his wife Martine, he established the Blue Angel Centers for Wellbeing in Melbourne, Australia which evolved into the publishing company, Blue Angel Gallery, Australia. Through his work Toni lovingly explores and portrays both our physical and spiritual realities. The power of his work lies not in its subject matter, but rather, in the energy that each work emanates. Toni works intuitively; he does not plan what he will paint or write. Each work is an unfolding journey, a meditation packed with feeling and emotion. According to Toni, it is only when we let go of control that the eternal source of creation within each of us, streams through. Preconceived ideas usually only serve to limit or restrict the true essence of the creative energy that we each possess. Toni believes that this principle can be used not only to create art; but in every area of our lives. Our intuition helps us to connect with our spiritual selves. It helps us to connect to a timeless place that exists eternally within our hearts; a place where all is energetically interconnected and nothing is ever truly missing. Intuition is the guidance that stems from our soul.

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Gaia Oracle Cards
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