Ganesha Meditations For Spiritual Success CD


Ganesha Meditations For Spiritual Success contains three meditations to connect you with Ganesha for your own divine success.

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Ganesha Meditations For Spiritual Success CD

Ganesha is an ancient elephant-headed deity with a powerful energy that removes obstacles and bestows grace. He assures us of divine success in all of our endeavors. Learning to activate and trust in the divine genius of Ganesha clears the way to greater accomplishment, more trust (which enables us to have more fun!) and the unfolding of inner peace (which is also much more fun than anxiety and stress).

On Ganesha Meditations For Success are meditations to connect you with Ganesha for your own divine success. This is more than simply having greater wealth and well being, although it does include those things. It is also about living in a way that nourishes the soul, where success is sweet and doesn’t cost us what matters most but brings more of what genuinely enriches us into our lives.

Ganesha Meditations for Success:

  • Waterfall Healing With Ganesha 23.57 mins
  • Bridge of Transition with Ganesha 26.03 mins
  • Mountain of Ganesha 28.20 mins

3 tracks, Running time: 78 mins

Artist:  Alana Fairchild

Alana Fairchild is a world-renowned spiritual teacher and bestselling author, inspiring a devoted following of fans. Alana’s highly original body of work includes oracle decks and books as well as DVDs and albums of guided meditations and sacred music. Alana has also created a unique and powerful online healer training program—Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring™—and an in-person initiation program into channelling the divine feminine called The Kuan Yin Transmission™.

Alana has touched the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people around the globe, and continues to create stunning new offerings to awaken the spirit and heal the soul. She is a unique and well-established figure in the metaphysical movement, dedicated from the heart to assist humanity in moving forward on the spiritual path with authenticity, grace, and a sense of humor.

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