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Garden Of Serenity CD

Visualize the most tranquil garden there has ever been… nestled behind high stone walls, completely secluded and calm. It’s filled with exotic flowers, plants, birds, and trees. There is a small brook. The sounds of bubbling water and singing birds intertwine with the quiet tinkling of wind chimes, harp, temple bells, and gentle Shakuhachi flute melodies. A wonderful feeling of peace and joy drifts through your mind – this is the Garden of Serenity. The meditative interplay of natural sounds and enchanted music creates a healing, mentally cleansing and stress-free environment.

All Music Guide
Garden of Serenity by brothers David and Steve Gordon offers two half-hour pieces combining music with nature sounds. “Secret Fountain” features a very active stream (I can almost seen the placement of the rocks), with shakuhachi flute, tinkling wind chimes and resonant gongs. Birds, accents from a koto and the magic of the synthesizer pulls the whole experience together. “Nature Spirits” is a delightful musical glen that seems to dance with fairies. A warm flute echoes casually through the forest, while nature spirits flit around with crystalline glee. Birds and river sounds complete the experience. Both are charming, and the sound quality is excellent.
— Carol Wright

Daily OM
Musicians David and Steve Gordon are established icons of New Age music, and Garden of Serenity is one of their earlier and most beloved collaborations. The premise is simple: ambient nature sounds, running water from open springs, the faint hum of insects in the distance, the calls of birds intermingle with Steve’s bewitchingly tranquil shakuhachi flute and bother David’s soothing beds of synths, chimes, temple bells, and singing bowls. Over two long tracks the garden opens up like a slowly unfurling map of terrain, widening that which is explored in an ever expanding and contracting flow. Listened to as aural wallpaper, it’s soothing and relaxing. Listen deeply and the sounds keep intertwining, the natural world’s rich tapestry of sound weaves down to the smallest molecular levels of interplay.

Makes a perfect Gift!
I liked Garden of Serenity so much I went back and bought five extra copies of this CD to give to others! — Pat Fisher

IArtist: David & Steve Gordon 

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