Gifts Of The Angels CD


Gifts Of The Angels CD is celestial music inspired by the Band of Angels. Rhodes electric piano, choir, harp, more.
Uplifting music

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Gifts Of The Angels CD

This anthology features piano, harp and celestial choir. Recommended for meditation, prayer, hospice work, and to connect with your personal angel. Gifts of the Angels is an angelically inspired anthology that is sure to life your spirits. Steven’s music creates and holds an uplifting vibrational field that is an ideal soundtrack for meditation, healing and massage.

The luminous tones of these soundscapes, featuring the Rhodes electric piano, seem to float in the air like incense, lifting you to heavenly realms.

Each selection on this angelic anthology highlights a “magic moment” in the recording studio when the room filled with a luminous light and ineffable Presence.

“Early in my career, my recording engineer and I often noticed that the studio would suddenly glow with a golden radiance during certain compositions. I recognized these moments as a sign that my band of angels was “sitting in  on” the recording session, adding their blessings and inspiration to the mix. I invite you to listen meditatively allowing your attention to focus on the spaces between the notes. The keyboards, harp, flute and angelic choir create a timeless soundscape that will leave you feeling relaxed, uplifted and at peace.” – SH

GIFTS OF THE ANGELS is Steven at his best, with sweeping passages including piano, synthesizers and a digitally sampled Angelic choir.

IArtist: Steven Halpern 

Steven Halpern is a Grammy® Award nominated, multi-platinum selling recording artist, composer, producer, researcher, author and pioneering sound healer.

The Los Angeles Times acknowledges Steven Halpern as “A founding father of New Age music” who launched a “Quiet Revolution” in modern instrumental music that focused more on creating harmony, coherence and balance rather than as mere entertainment. His unique orchestration of tone, time, space and frequency help explain why people hear the music with fresh ears for years and years.

With an unequaled, proven track record of over 44 years (1975-2019), Steven’s music continues to be the music of choice for individuals from all walks of life, as well as healers, spiritual teachers, massage therapists and corporate wellness programs.

His most recent Mindful Music series features key brainwave entrainment frequencies to deepen one’s relaxation, healing, meditation, creativity and sleep. (DEEP ALPHA, DEEP THETA, RELAX into SLEEP)

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