Green Dragon Seraphinite Bracelet


Green Dragon Seraphinite Bracelet

Fits approx 7″ wrist

Affirmation: I feel and know the presence of the Divine within and around me. I attract good friends and acquaintances into my life. My friends and colleagues are people of integrity. I have extraordinary good fortune in all aspects of my life, especially in my interpersonal relationships. I am divinely connected to all life.


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Green Dragon Seraphinite Bracelet

Green Dragon Seraphinite Bracelet

Fits approx 7″ wrist

  • Holy Connections Inside and Out
  • Grounds as you aspire toward enlightenment
  • Brings clarity and energetic integration of complex higher intellectual matters
  • Cuts cords still clinging from past relationships

Connections Inside and Out

Color: Mossy green with white striations

Chakra(s): crown and heart

Astrological sign(s): Aquarius

Planet(s): Uranus, Chiron, Mercury

Number(s): 6

Element(s): fire

Mohs scale: 2–2.5

Spiritual uses:  is named for the seraphs—winged angelic beings in God’s service. This stone facilitates communication with the angelic realm, including Archangel Raphael, by aligning you with the higher planes. It helps you stay connected to the Divine spark within yourself as well as with the outer aspects of God. This is a good stone to work with to stay grounded as you aspire toward enlightenment.

Emotional uses:  evaporates old watery emotions. It helps to cleanse away feelings that no longer serve you by bringing clarity to the source of the emotional imbalance, thereby releasing its charge or effect on you. Use this stone to cut cords still clinging to you from past relationships. Combined with your clear intention, this stone can disconnect the charge of emotional buttons, which removes other’s ability to agitate you.

Divine guidance: Do you hear the angels? Are you receiving messages from the Divine? Embrace this gift to live a charmed and enlightened life as well as to help others attain freedom from suffering and to find happiness and peace. Pursue training to develop your intuitive gifts.

Excerpted from The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals, and Stones. (Llewellyn. 2013) by Margaret Ann Lembo


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