Guardian Angel CD


Guardian Angel is a  relaxing, healing music therapy CD  being used worldwide by health professionals, therapists, counselors and their clients.

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Guardian Angel CD

Guardian Angel Music is Healing Music Therapy

Feel more alive, as relaxing Guardian Angel Music fills your heart with indescribable bliss.

You’ll feel soothing waves of relief as 3-D music melts away the cares of this world. You’ll feel relaxed and refreshed almost instantly!

Say goodbye to sleeplessness. Easily fall asleep while listening to Guardian Angel Music. And it works wonders for children, too!

Best of all, feelings of lightness and joy—like a child—will add sparkle to your life.

This relaxing, healing music therapy CD is being used worldwide by health professionals, therapists, counselors and their clients.

Welcome, Dear Traveler!
Are you looking for a proven way to relax, sleep better, or melt away stress? If you stop and think about it, would you say that today’s cares and tensions leave you feeling anxious, tired or sad? Now that you’re here, you may find that Guardian Angel Music will work for you.

Perhaps you’re feeling physical or emotional pain. You need relief. Or maybe you just want to unwind. And Is there a child, friend or loved one in your life who needs to relax too?

The secret is in the sound: Angelic harmonies ascend through sparkling sonic textures. And these beautiful sounds reflect harmonic ratios found throughout creation. Such sound seems to touch our deepest core. Listen and float up—into a thrilling universe of glistening angelic comfort. There’s nothing else like it.

The Guardian Angel Music CD is 60 minutes of sonic splendor. This high-quality recording is perfect for music therapy and more. Fill your heart, head and home with healing, serene music that will add sparkle to your life!

IArtist: R. Brian Caldwell

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