Healer's Manual

Healer’s Manual

A Beginner’s Guide to Energy Healing for Yourself and Others




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Healer’s Manual

Healer’s Manual

A Beginner’s Guide to Energy Healing for Yourself and Others

You are a Healer!

Noted healer and author Ted Andrews reveals how unbalanced or blocked emotions, attitudes, and thoughts deplete our natural physical energies and make us more susceptible to illness. The Healer’s Manual shows specific techniques―involving color, sound, fragrance, herbs, and gemstones―to restore the natural flow of energy. Use the simple practices in this book to activate healing, alleviate aches and pains, and become the healthy person you’re meant to be.

From the Publisher

Recently, a friend of mine had some back surgery to alleviate some pain he had been experiencing. The doctors said he would only need a few days to recover, but it ended up taking several weeks.

I found out about this long after the surgery was complete. I wish I had known about it beforehand so I could have sent him some healing energy to speed his recovery.

Have you ever wanted to do that? Or perhaps somebody complained of a headache and you knew that it would take some time for the pain to go away after they took a pain reliever. Perhaps you wished that you could quickly remove the pain.

You don’t need to study and practice for years and dedicate your life to a single healing modality to become a healer. You can learn a system quickly and effectively. But which system? If you don’t know (or if you want to start with one that you have heard of), you need to get Ted Andrews’ The Healer’s Manual.

Here you will find the complete occult theories of the body and its relationship to feelings, ideas, and more. You’ll also find out about the energies that run through the body, how they run through it (via the meridians) and how the organs, bones, blood, flesh, mind, and energy combine to form a holistic being who needs to be treated holistically.

Once you have the basic theory, this book instructs you in a mode of healing based on each of the five senses. For taste there are healing elixirs; for sight there is color healing; for hearing there is toning; Etheric touch works with our tactile sense; and Ted reveals the mystery of scent for the sense of smell. The book is filled with charts and diagrams that make it easy to learn how to apply any of the many exercises and techniques to practical use.

If you have ever thought you might like to heal, I urge you to consider buying, reading, and using this book.

More healing info from Margaret Ann Lembo’s book, Chakra Awakening:

Crystal Alignment: Chakra Balancing

A crystal alignment is also referred to as the laying on of stones. It is the process of placing gemstones and crystals on and around the body with the intention to restore balance. It’s a meditative experience that elicits extreme relaxation.

Although a crystal alignment is usually performed by someone else rather than for oneself, there is no reason you can’t give it a try. You can perform a crystal alignment with little or no experience simply by placing the crystals, stones, and minerals that you are attracted to on or around you for meditation, prayer, or contemplation. If you are lying down for this experience, first line up the suggested crystals next to you and then place them on each chakra, beginning with the root and work your way up to the crown.

To provide this alignment for someone else, establish intention with the recipient of a crystal alignment. Engage in conversation prior to the actual meditation experience. During the preparation for the alignment, determine the ultimate goal and develop a strategy together to restore balance. The section below gives you some guidance for offering this type of session for another person. The same applies when you are doing this for yourself. Just ask yourself the questions.”


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