Heart Ring – Size 7

Heart Ring – Size 7

  • Single open heart .5x.5″ sterling


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Heart Ring – Size 7

Heart Ring

  • Single open heart .5x.5″ sterling

Heart Chakra

You are love. Your true essence is love. Be aware that you are love in all you do, say, think, feel, smell, taste or know, and you will be happy and healthy all the days of your life.

The heart is the bridge between your lower three chakras and your upper three chakras. It is the place of the “I Am” presence, the Christ consciousness and the Buddha consciousness. The heart center connects us with kindness, love, compassion, tolerance, patience, understanding and who we truly are. It is a vibration of love in alignment with goodness and gratitude. A person with a balanced heart center is someone who is friendly, compassionate, empathetic and nurturing.

Green and pink energy, or the heart chakra, is located at the center of your chest. The primary color is green. The vibration of pink at the heart is the blended energy of the red from the root chakra and white from the crown chakra. There is no complementary color per se—the colors are simply green and pink.

Colors: Green, pink

Complementary Colors: Green, pink

Stones: Agate, apophyllite, aventurine, calcite, chrysoprase, goldstone, kunzite, malachite, rhodochrosite, rose quartz, ruby, unakite, watermelon tourmaline, and all the pink and green stones

Location: The center of your chest

Musical Note: F#

A person with a balanced heart center sees the good in all things. Combined with a balanced solar plexus, you will see the glass half full and the silver lining amid adversity. The heart chakra is the place of empathy. An empathetic person can relate to or feel what other people feel. When you come from your heart, you feel compassion and have true understanding and tolerance. If the heart chakra is not balanced, you might smother or over nurture others. On the other hand, if you are empathetic to the degree that you ignore your own needs, your own heart may suffer.

Excerpted from Chakra Awakening . (Llewellyn. ) by Margaret Ann Lembo


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