Hope (Optimism) Gemdrop Pendant


Planetary Influence: Moon, Mercury

Chakras: 5th, 7th

Moonstone, Chrysoprase

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blankHope (Optimism) Gemdrop Pendant

Planetary Influence: Moon, Mercury

Chakras: 5th, 7th

Moonstone enhances intuition and depth of feeling. Releases tension and anxiety, teaches us to be flexible and soothes the emotions.

Chrysoprase soothes and lifts the emotions, banishes the tension and stress. Relieves depression and renews hope.

Spiritual uses: Moonstone is a perfect tool for increasing your intuition and trusting the process of becoming an intuitive. Psychic awareness includes the ability to use the six sensory gifts, or “clairs”—clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairolfaction, and clairgustation. Use moonstone to connect with the archangels of the Divine feminine—Auriel and Tzaphkiel. This pearly stone is also beneficial for spiritual rituals involving the Divine feminine, the Goddess, the moon, and all the mythological goddesses. Moonstone, also known as hecatolite, is associated with the ancient Greek moon goddess, Hecate. This is also a good stone to connect with the 13 moons and the women and teachings of the International Council of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, goodwill ambassadors from Alaska, North, South, and Central America; Africa; and Asia with a mission of world peace.

Mental uses: Moonstone promotes dreaming. Dreams provide tools for self-knowledge and help bring mental clarity. With moonstone under your pillow, use the messages of the dreamtime to restore mental balance.

Emotional uses: Moonstone helps restore emotional balance. This is a good stone for cleansing negative energy from your energy centers, or chakras. This is also a stone of reflection, helping you to look within using the powerful tool of self-observation for self-improvement and spiritual growth. With this stone in hand, watch your actions and reactions to others without judgment. Black moonstone specifically is a reminder that all is created from the void, the great mystery, and the emptiness.

Physical uses: Moonstone is the stone most associated with female fertility, and the associated menses, premenstrual syndrome, and menopause. The Divine feminine works through this stone to help assist women in all the joys of womanhood—maid, mother, and wise woman. This stone helps you embrace the constant ebbing and flowing of the female hormones.

~ an excerpt from The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones by Margaret Ann Lembo

Direct from the designer. Gemdrops are approx 3/4 to 1 inch in diameter. These are very unique. Each Item is indiviually made, so no 2 pieces are exactly alike. All Gemdrops come with black satin cord and information card. 

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