Iolite Small Palm Stone


Iolite Small Palm Stone

Affirmation: I have good communication skills. I see clearly and navigate my way through life with ease. I observe and clear detrimental patterns and habits. I have healthy balanced relationships. Meditation comes naturally to me.

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Iolite Small Palm Stone

Iolite Small Palm Stone:

  • Eloquent
  • Perfect gem for meditation
  • Stone of focus to assist thought organization
  • Assists in finding the source of healthy relationship challenges

Color: violet-blue, blue, violet, or yellowish-gray

Chakra(s): third eye

About the stone: Iolite is a silicate of magnesium and aluminum with some of the magnesium often being replaced with iron and manganese. Iolite crystallizes in the orthorhombic system and has a characteristic inky blue or violet color.

Astrological sign(s): Virgo

Planet(s): Mercury, the asteroid Pallas

Mohs scale: 7–7.5

Spiritual uses: Iolite is a perfect gem for meditation.

Mental uses: Iolite is a stone for writers, teachers, and anyone in the field of communications. This is a stone of focus that also helps you organize your thoughts. Employ this sparkling blue gem to improve your ability to find the right words to express yourself clearly and succinctly.

Emotional uses: Through the use of your intellect in combination with this stone, you have an opportunity to find hidden patterns of creative repetitive events that cause emotional disturbances. Through contemplation and meditation, you find the source of the challenge that disables you from connecting with others in healthy relationships. This discovery of self also relieves aggressive tendencies. Iolite is the perfect gem to help you stay focused on this goal.

Physical uses: Iolite is helpful to improve the eyesight. Additionally use it to help you if you are directionally challenged.

Divine guidance: Do you find that the same pattern repeats itself in your life? Are you trying to find your way—mentally, physically, spiritually or emotionally? Embrace your inner genius as you use your mind to find direction and clarity. See the options clearly and calmly. Express your truth in your words, actions and thoughts.

Excerpted from The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals, and Stones (Llewellyn. 2013) by Margaret Ann Lembo

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