Life and Teachings of Carlos Castaneda


Life and Teachings of Carlos Castaneda

One of the most definitive books written about Carlos Casteneda

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Life and Teachings of Carlos Castaneda

Life and Teachings of Carlos Castaneda – Including Daniel Brinton’s 1894 essay Nagualism in Native American Folklor & History

A must read for anyone who has followed Carlos on his extraordinary journey. The way William Patrick Patterson expounds on Carlos’ teachings is astounding! –Margaret Runyan, author, A Magical Journey with Carlos Castaneda

Although inclined to skepticism about Castaneda, I found myself reading The Life & Teachings of Carlos Castaneda with total fascination. As it tells just about everything, I imagine this will be the definitive book on Castaneda. –Colin Wilson, author, The Outsider and The Occult

This is the most brilliant and insightful rendering to date of the ‘Ultimate Impeccable Warrior,’ Carlos Castaneda, my father. –C.J. Castaneda

About the Author:

William Patrick Patterson is a leading exponent and teacher of The Fourth Way. He is the founder/director of The Gurdjieff Studies Program, editor-in-chief of The Gurdjieff Journal, and the author of nine books on teaching. He is also the director-narrator-writer of the award-winning DVD documentary video trilogy “The Life & Significance of G. I. Gurdjieff.” He has just released a teaching DVD: “From Selves, to Individual Self, to The Self.” For over 40 years, he has actively practiced the principles of this ancient, esoteric and sacred teaching of self-development. Mr. Patterson was a direct and longtime student of John Pentland, the remarkable man Gurdjieff chose to lead the Work in America. He gives four public seminars a year.

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