A Little Bit of Buddha: An Introduction to Buddhist Thought

A Little Bit of Buddha: An Introduction to Buddhist Thought is an accessible introduction to Buddhism’s amazingly rich trove of wisdom.

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A Little Bit of Buddha: An Introduction to Buddhist Thought

by Chad Mercree

Buddhism blossoms from the words and life of Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha. Buddhism is a philosophy, not a religion, and billions of people model their way of life on the peaceful and compassionate teachings of the Buddha. He is not worshipped as a god but rather respected as an everyday human being who rediscovered a way of life that led to the end of his suffering and confusion about the apparent tragedy of the world. Buddha’s words and teachings continue to influence society in positive ways by encouraging us all to develop happiness and peace from within.A Little Bit of Buddha is a wonderful introduction to the life and ways of one of the most unique humans the world has known.

From the Author:

I’m so excited to share the wisdom and life of one of the most unique individuals in recorded history: Siddhartha Gautama, known to the world simply as the Buddha. ‘A Little Bit of Buddha’ takes you on a journey to learn about the Buddha’s early life and quest to find an end to suffering, his experience of enlightenment and his decision to share his insights with the world. You’ll also learn the nuts and bolts of his teachings, from the observation of suffering to the requirements to liberate oneself from the influence of karma once and for all. I hope you enjoy the book!

About the Author:

Chad Mercree is the author of The Way of the Psychic Heart (Llewellyn) and Little Bit of Buddha (Sterling), and has written and lectured on botanical and metaphysical subjects for most of his adult life. He has studied Hatha and Kundalini Yoga for many years, and he’s also a student of Dzogchen Buddhism, an offshoot of Tantric Buddhism. Chad leads workshops throughout the US on meditation, spiritual awakening, and connecting spiritually and scientifically to the natural world around us. He lives in Naples, FL.


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