Little Book of Dreams


Little Book of Dreams

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Little Book of Dreams

Little Book of Dreams

A beautifully illustrated gift book, filled with inspirational quotes.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” —Walt Disney. Desires, fears, feelings, memories: in our dreams we can discover our innermost selves. This thought-provoking compilation, embellished with stunning illustrations, helps us better understand our dream life.



Alain Cancilleri & Emma Altomare

Emma Altomaregraduated from the University La Sapienza in Rome with a degree in Communication Studies and attended a post-graduate Master’s program in publishing. She later worked with various publishers, including White Star.

After graduating from the Venturi Art Institute in Modena, Alain Cancilleriattended the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy at the University of Parma, majoring in Art History, and then continued his studies at the International School of Illustration in Sàrmede. He has worked as a graphic designer in Tuscany for several years and now lives in Faenza.


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