Mini Capiz Chime – Various Colors


Mini Capiz Chime – Various Colors

Choose from:

  • Light Blue
  • Aqua
  • Peach/Coral
  • Lime-Green


        • Coconut wood top
        • Colored capiz (30 round 5 square)
        • Overall length: 12 inches


Mini Capiz Chime – Various Colors

Mini Capiz Chime – Various Colors

  • Light Blue
  • Aqua
  • Peach/Coral
  • Lime-Green

This small chime adds color and fun to your garden, apartment, or dorm room.

This Mini Capiz Chime is handcrafted capiz windchimes are made by Balinese artisans. Hand strung and hand-dyed, these chimes are made of natural, renewable materials. When touched by the wind, your chime will produce a delicate tinkling musical sound.

Capiz shells are farmed in Indonesia and every bit is used. The pieces are carefully sorted, dried, sliced, shaped, sanded, and dyed. Strung together with strong, invisible nylon cord, the thin, flat translucent pieces provide luminous color.

In the 1500s, capiz were used as windowpanes in houses; now they are used in all sorts of home decorations, including lampshades and vases and (of course) windchimes!

This Mini Capiz Chime is handcrafted with pride by artisans in Bali, therefore sizes can vary.

What are Capiz?

The windowpane oyster is a bivalve marine mollusk in the family of Placunidae. They are edible (not these chimes, though!) but valued more for their shells. The shells have been used for thousands of years as a glass substitute because of their durability and translucence. Wikipedia
Scientific name: Placuna placenta
Higher classification: Placuna
Phylum: Mollusca
Order: Pectinida
Rank: Species
Domain: Eukaryota

About the colors – a small excerpt from Chakra Awakening by Margaret Ann Lembo


To restore balance in the throat chakra, use positive thoughts combined with crystals and gemstones to reconnect with your ability to express yourself along with the courage to communicate your truth. Below is a list of states of being and consciousness that often accompany an imbalance in the throat chakra. As you use the gemstones and colors, you will experience the change you want to see. Use angelite, amazonite, turquoise, blue lace agate, and other light blue stones to activate your intention.”


The navel chakra is the energy center where creativity resides. The ability manifest reality is held here. It’s entirely up to you what you wish to manifest; it can be a book, a child, a business, a garden, a delicious meal, a sculpture and so on. The possibilities are endless. Pull the energy up from the belly to step into action to make it so!


We are in relationship with everything. Relationship is part of our lives down to minutia! Obviously, we are in relationship with people, but less obvious is the relationship that we have with ourselves.


Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 14 × 6 × 4 in

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