Out of This World

Affirmation: My consciousness is awake. I am aware. I feel the limitless nature of all life. I believe in unlimited potentials and possibilities. I am creative and prosperous. I fully embrace extraordinary wealth. My heart is open to giving and receiving love.

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“About the stone: Moldavite is a natural glass containing approximately 75% silica, 10% alumina, and smaller quantities of iron oxides, lime, soda, potash, magnesia, titania, and manganese oxide. It is unclear as to its exact origin; however, it is agreed that it is associated with meteoric activity.

Like most other tektites, moldavite can help expand your mind to enable you to think beyond the ordinary. Tektites are natural glass rocks formed by the impact of meteorites on the Earth. This quality helps you in all areas of life, including your ability to see the greater perspective. From a distance or in hindsight, with moldavite on hand, you can grasp the greater reality and touch upon increased self-knowledge as well as tolerance for others. This stone can also stimulate a lazy mind into activity or increase intelligence as needed.

Moldavite opens your heart as well as your mind, enabling you to find inner peace, harmony, and joy. This stone can help you release your watery emotions, especially unreasonable feelings of despair that result in incessant crying. Use it to help you shed tears and heal pain to improve your emotional health. Find unique ways to release your pent up feelings.”

~Excerpted from The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones by Margaret Ann Lembo

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